Robber:Everybody put your hands in the air!

Their were 4 men with masks and guns robbing a bank. One of them went to the vault while the others were watching their hostages. One robber ran to the woman about to press the silent alarm. She grabbed his mask and ripped it off, revealing the face of Ben Flood.

                                    Starring: Patrick
                                              Ben Flood
                                              Forrest Whitlart  
                                              Phoebe Newton 
                                              Peter Thompson
                                              Brunno Gêda
                                              Phil Parker 

Robber #2:What the hell!? Why is your mask off?

Flood:This young lady wants to be a hero.

Robber #2:Take her to the other room. Put the silence on the gun.

Flood grabbed the woman and dragged her into another room. There was a small pop. Flood walked back out into the main room. Robber #3 came out from the vault with four backpacks full of money. Flood grabbed a bag and started to head out. One man tried to stop Flood.

Flood:Sit down now before I shoot you.

The man is Locke.

Flood:Hurry up Jerry, I hear sirens.

Jerry:Hold on a second.

Ben ran up to Jerry, punched in the face,and ran. 5 hours later, the woman who removed Ben's mask walked into his house.

Woman:great job getting the money.

Flood:You were great.

The next day, Flood wakes up to find all the money gone.

(After getting off the island)

Flood sat in a bar, drinking his 4th beer. A man walked in and sat next to him.

Locke:Hello Ben.

Flood:What do you want?

Locke:I need you to return to the island

Flood:No. I won't(Gets up and leaves)

Outside, a limo pulls up next to Flood. A man gets out and pulls Flood in.

Flood:what the hell?!

Man:My name is Mr. Timmothy. I want some information from you.

Flood:So you kidnapp me?

Okay sorry but I cant finish this tonight. I will repost the full episode tommorow

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