Patrick’s eyes open He is laying on grass. He sits up and sees Georgie and Anne on the ground. He looks around and then realizes what happened. They had ended up on the island.

                                      Starring: Patrick
                                               Ben Flood
                                               Forrest Whitlart  
                                               Phoebe Newton 
                                               Peter Thompson
                                               Brunno Gêda
                                               Phil Parker 

(At the Lampost)

A group of men burst through the door, guns in hand.

Eloise:What is this?Get out of here.

Man:No Mrs.Hawkings. I have to have a few words. My name is Zachary. You are going to tell me everything you know about the island. No, nevermind. Just tell me where you get your information.

Eloise:Never. Leave here now.

Zachary:Well then, I will just kill you and have Mindy, you know, the girl that was here earlier tell me.

Eloise pointed to a door.

Eloise:Right in there. That will give you the information to where the island is. You will be able to find out what time you will need to leave for whatever flight you are taking.

Zachary:Thank you.

He started to walk to the door, pulled out a gun, and shot Elosie.

Zachary: I knew I was forgetting something. Boys, get rid of her.

He entered the Lampost room and pulled out his phone.

Zach: Hello there. I want to inform you that Ms.Eloise Hawkings has met her untimely demise. Oh don’t make useless threats. I know how to get back to the island. Oh really. Now you want to make a deal.

(At the airport)

Patrick Georgie and Anne headed towards gate 15As they head to gate 15 they see Sayid, apparently handcuffed, and being accompanied by a woman, apparently a federal marshall. At the gate, Hurley, appearing nervous or reluctant and carrying a guitar case, informs the Ajira employee that he has purchased all the remaining 78 available seats on the flight, but not why. A man and a woman headed to the plane

(On the Plane)

Patrick walks towards his seat when he sees Timmothy. Tim looks at him and smirks. Patrick sits next to the woman who was arguing earlier. The man sits behind her, still arguing.

Man: Don’t ignore me. This is insane. Theres no way the job is legal.

Woman: Calm down Peter. All I have to do is get on the plane, gather information on everything I see and go home.

Peter:Why would someone pay you half a million for that? He can just look it up on Wikpedia.

The girl turns away from the man.

Woman: Brother (rolls eyes). I’m Phoebe Newton.

Patrick: Patrick Davis.

The captain makes an announcement: "Welcome to Ajira Air, this is is your Captain, Frank J. Lapidus." Jack and Kate look at each other, stunned. After a moment, Jack asks the flight attendant to tell Frank about his presence. A clean-shaven Frank comes out and happily greets Jack, saying he "picked up this gig about 8 months ago." However, he then sees Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Ben and Kate. Realization dawns and he asks "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

(At the Lampost 6 hours earlier)

Zach:So you are willing to pay me 3 million for the information. Ajira flight 316. Im guessing your going to send someone. Oh boy I can’t wait. This is going to be fun.

(Nighttime on the Plane)

Patrick: (Now sitting next to Georgie) So...what do you think?

Georgie: I want to know what we are going to do about Tim?

Wade: (sitting behind them) I could, you know take care of him.

Patrick: No. I think we should wait and see his true motives.

All of a sudden, there was turbulence. As everyone buckles up, the turbulence increases and eventually the plane is engulfed in a flash of white light identical to the flashes that accompany the abrupt changes in space/time on the Island.

(On Island) No one remembers actually crashing and none have seen Ben, Sun, Sayid, Wade, any other survivors, or any wreckage of the plane. Jack suggests that they split up and search for survivors, but before they can do anything they hear music. The source of the music is a DHARMA van in what appears to be in new or very well maintained condition, which emerges from the jungle and pulls up next to the lagoon. A man in a DHARMA Initiative jumpsuit gets out and points a carbine at the three survivors. Hurley then recognizes him and the man lowers his weapon; it is an astonished Jin.

(At the Lampost 9 hours earlier) Zach: I know my father would be proud. He was only eighteen. When you were eighteen you did some stupid things I’d bet. Well now you are going to pay.Im guessing you have people on the plane right. Ohhhh I can’t wait.

(Unknown Location) Man: You know, your father would be proud of you, manipulating everything. Especially after the way he disgraced himself.(Pause for reply) Yes I did do stupid things but he could have killed everyone. It was a Nuclear bomb. I can’t ait to see how. I have my own little chess pieces.(Pause for reply) Yes I do. And I am going to kill you.(Pause). Im glad I exiled your father. If I had not, well then there would be no pleasant little you.

(At the Lampost)

Zach: Oh you will regret everything. I will make sure of it Charlie

Charlie: (Over phone) I liked it better when you would call me Mr. Widmore


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