Previously on Lost

  • Scene of Freighter exploding
  • Oceanic Six Prece confrence
  • Patrick;What about him?

Ben looks over to a coffin near Lockes.

Ben:Yes him too.

Ben lifted the lid to the coffin. Patrick walked over, and stared down at the body of Ben Flood.

  • Leon's eyes shot open. He screamed. He remembered everything. From his family's death all the way to being shot in the head by Michael.
  • Patrick:What the hell happened?

Georgie:Some man came in. Beat me up and said that we are all going to regret it if we dont tell the truth.

Patrick:Oh my god! I have to go get Annie.

  • Man:I know that you guys are lying about the whole thing.Your friends are still on that island. And Im going to find out where it is.

Patrick:Your the one that attacked Georgie.

Man:Georgie who. Im running late. Have a nice day.

Patrick glared at the man as he walked away.

Man:Oh the names Timmothy by the way. Mr.Timmothy


Ben: I have know idea. I have no first name, no adress, nothing.

Patrick:He is going to hunt us down one by one untill he makes one of us break.

Ben:Well then, I guess we better start searching for our friends.

Jack:We can't just forget everything and go searching. Who knows where Wade or Mindy are.

Ben:Fine. I will go find them. But we only have 65 hours

                                                 Ben Flood
                                                 Forrest Whitlart  
                                                 Phoebe Newton 
                                                 Peter Thompson
                                                 Brunno Gêda
                                                 Phil Parker 

Patrick:What do you mean only 65 hours.

Ben: I dont have time to explain.

Jack:Well then you will just have too wait here.

Ben: Once we get everyone, you will learn everything you need too know.

Patrick:Well then, lets go.

(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Sayid is working on construction at a school. He heads to take his lunch break, while unknown to him, a man watches. As Sayid walks away from the construction, the man follows him. Sayid spins around, punching the man in the face.. The man stumbles back, falling too the ground.


(On island)

Leon and Mandy had followed behinde Daniel and Eloise as they headed to the Jughead. Daniel and Elosie had been discussing it for some time when Sawyer came up from behinde with a gun. Before anyone could react, there was another time flash.Leon reached up to his nose and wiped blood. Daniel, upon seeing Charlotte, rushes over to comfort her, but soon after they are reunited, she begins bleeding profusely from her nose and collapses.

Mandy:Oh my god. We have to find away to stop this.

Leon starred at the uncouncious Charlotte, and he realized his fate.

(Off Island)

Ben:(right after getting off his phone) That was Sayid. He was able to find Wade and is bringing him here.

Patrick: So we have almost everyone covered.

Ben:Any idea about Mindy.

Patrick: Actually yes. She stopped by Georgie's house a few months back.

Ben:Where is she?!


Ben:What!? WHY!!??

Patrick:She went too Australia and killed some guy.

Ben: I will go take care of her.

(At the prison)

Prison guard: You have a visitor.

A man in a suit and hat walked up to her cell.

Timmothy:Hello there Mindy. My name is Mr.Timmothy.

Mindy:And? Is that suppose too mean something?

Timmothy:I can get you out of here. One call to my boss and you will be free.

Mindy:Whats the catch?

Timmothy:Tell me everything about the island.

(3 hours later)

Ben:3 hours ago, Mindy was released into the custody of a Mr.Timmothy.

Patrick:Son of a b!tch!

Ben:I have arranged for everyone else too meet at the docks

Patrick: Good. I will go get Georgie.

Ben:Perfect. Im going to try and track down Mindy.

(At Georgie'a apartment)

Georgie wwnt over to answer the door. She opened it too see Timmothy.

Timmothy:May I come in.

Georgie:Hell no. Get away from me.

Annie started to walk up to Georgie.

Georgie:Honey, please go to another room. Mommy is talking to someone.

Timmothy:Cute kid.

Georgie:Dont you dare ever talk about my daughter you creep.

Timmothy:Your daughter? I have done my research Ms. Smith and she is not your daughter. She is the daughter of Joshua Jackson, a person on flight 815. I dont think it is a concidence that you adopted the daughter of an oceanic member.

Georgie:I told you I know nothing about a mysterious island.

Timmothy:Dont worry about that. Your friend, Mindy, told me all about the island. i just...couldnt resist coming back here.

He shoved Georgie and slammed her into a wall.

Georgie heard Annie's footsteps.

Georgie:Stay in your room honey. Mommy's fine.

Timmothy:Your such a nice pretty girl. And your "daughter"...

Timmothy felt a gun press against the back of his head.

Patrick:get the hell out of here right now.

Timmothy:Dont you want to know were murderous little Mindy is.

Patrick:I really dont care right now. If you dont let go of her, I will put a hole through your head.

Timmothy:im surprised your letting me go

Patrick:Dont worry. I will get you.

Timmothy smiled and left. patrick hugged Georgie.

Patrick:Your okay. It alright hes gone for now.

Georgie:Thank you. Who knows what he would have done to me and Annie. i love you.

Patrick:Shhh. Its okay. Dont cry. Its fine. Get Annie. We have to head to the docks. And then... we will figure things out from ther.

(An unknown location)

Timmothy:Dont worry. I got Mindy to confess. I will make sure she is at the docks. Dont worry, everything will be taken care of. Be ready to get me a plane ticket. I have a feeling Im going to be finding the island real soon sir.


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