Previously on Lost

  • Scene of Freighter exploding
  • Oceanic Six Prece confrence
  • Patrick;What about him?

Ben looks over to a coffin near Lockes.

Ben:Yes him too.

Ben lifted the lid to the coffin. Patrick walked over, and stared down at the body of Ben Flood.

  • Leon's eyes shot open. He screamed. He remembered everything. From his family's death all the way to being shot in the head by Michael.
  • Patrick:What about Wade? He killed Skip's ex wife. Everythigng is falling apart! Why!?

Ben responds coldly, "It happened because you left."

HURLEY: Dude, they'll find out.

JACK: Not if we stick to the story.

SAYID: I don't know, Jack. It could be a risk.

JACK: It's the only way. We have to do this.

WADE:Jacks right. Only way we all get away.

GEORGIE:I don't care what you guys do, all I know is I need a doctor fast.

FLOOD:And what about everyone left behinde. We just pretend they all died.

JACK: Yes. Leon, Skip, Sawyer, Jin, Boone, Claire, none of them survived.

HURLEY:Dude, I dont feel confortable about this.

                                                  Ben Flood
                                                  Forrest Whitlart  
                                                  Phoebe Newton 
                                                  Peter Thompson
                                                  Brunno Gêda
                                                  Phil Parker 

Phil:So now what? do we just keep going through time until...

Sawyer:Shut up hippie, Im thinking.

Man:How bout you hurry up with that!

The group turned to see Justinian.

Sawyer:Well if it aint the living dead. How the hell did you survive the exploding freighter.

Justinian:I had fallen off a few minutes befor.

Steve:Hurry up with that fire will ya

Bernard:Im rying as hard as we ccan

Sawyer:Hey Steve scott how about you let Oral gel handle the fire.

Sawyer turned to see Leon limping on to shore.

Sawyer:Well well well if it aint Mr.Julietfan


Sawyer:Dont you what me. I see the way you look at her.


A flaming arrow soared through the air, hitting Steve.

Sawyer: RUN!

(Off Island)

Ben:Would you be able to convince Georgie to come back too the island.

Patrick:No. Ever since she adopted Annie.

Ben:How about Mindy?

Jack:None of us have heard from her. Same with Wade.

Ben:We need to get them back here. Soon


The group spread out as arrows started to soar down at them. Whitlark was almost hit in the leg. Mandy fel down. Leon ran and grabbed her, dragging her away from the rain of arrows. Mandy and Leon ran off into the jungle, escaping the arrows.

Leon:You ok?

Mandy:Yeah I think so. Thanks.

Other:Freeze! Dont move a muscle.

Leon:Thats not smart.


Leon:Sending one man to fight me.DUCK!

Mandy ducked as Leon tackled the other, causing him to fire his gun. The other kicked lLeon in the nuts, causing to fall over in pain. The man started to beat Leon when a bullet hit his head.

LOCKE: Mandy,Leon.Nice to see ya.


Patrick entered George's apartment.

Patrick:Georgie!? You here? Annie called me and said you didnt pick her up from-

Georgie was curlled up in a ball, beaten and bloody.

Patrick:What the hell happened?

Georgie:Some man came in. Beat me up and said that we are all going to regret it if we dont tell the truth.

Patrick:Oh my god! I have to go get Annie.

He ran out with a gun and went to the school. Annie was waiting there for him. He started to walk home with her. On the way home, a man bumped into them.


Man:Your one of the oceanic 11 right

Patrick:(reaching for his gun)Yeah

Man:I know that youguys are lying about the whole thing.Your friend s are still on that island. And Im going to find out where it is.

Patrick:Your the one that attacked Georgie.

Man:Georgie who. Im running late. Have a nice day.

Patrick glared at the man as he walked away.

Man:Oh the names Timmothy by the way. Mr.Timmothy.


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