(This is a special episode because its my birthday)(Just because a character is not in the credits does not mean they are dead. Its just so nothing is spoiled )

At 8:15 AM, a man hits the snooze button on his alarm clock. Next to him, an Asian woman hears a baby making noise from a crib in the other room and tells the man it's his turn to take care of the child. After putting on a record, he gives the baby a heated bottle of milk before getting ready for the day. When the record starts skipping, he turns the player off. The man walks to one of the other buildings in the Barracks, where a camera crew has set up to record the first take of the second DHARMA Initiative orientation film. He is revealed to be Dr. Pierre Chang. As the filming begins, Pierre identifies himself as Dr. Marvin Candle and begins to describe the Arrow's primary purpose, indicating that it involves protecting the DHARMA Initiative from the Island's hostile and indigenous inhabitants. Suddenly, Pierre is interrupted by a concerned worker named Eric, who barges into the room and says that there is a problem at the Orchid.Eric drives Dr. Chang to the Orchid in a DHARMA Initiative van, and they make their way past the construction workers and down in an elevator. As Dr.Chang is walking, he bumps into a worker.

Dr.Chang:Watch where your going!

Worker:Sorry sir.

The worker starts to walk away. The man looks up, revealing the somewhat burnt face of Skip Sheifield.

                                                   Ben Flood
                                                   Forrest Whitlart  
                                                   Phoebe Newton 
                                                   Peter Thompson
                                                   Phoebe Newton 
                                                   Brunno Gêda
                                                   Phil Parker 

Jack,drunk and high, drives to the funeral parlor after hours. He breaks in and approaches the casket, noticing that no one has yet signed the release form for Bentham's body. Ben suddenly enters the room. Jack says that Bentham had told him Ben was off the Island, Jack and Kate having spoken to Bentham about a month prior. Bentham had said that after Jack left the Island "some very bad things happened" and it was Jack's fault for leaving. Bentham added that Jack had to come back. Ben replies that he has heard about Jack riding passenger planes, hoping they'll crash; Ben describes this as "very dark". Ben tells Jack he is here to let him know that the Island won't let him come alone: "all of you have to go back". Jack says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley is mentally unwell, Sun blames Jack for Jin's death, and Kate won't even talk to him anymore. Ben says that this is the only way: all of them have to do it together, and that Ben has a few ideas about how it is to be done and is willing to help. However he specifies that all of them must return, including the deceased Bentham, who is revealed to be John Locke.

Patrick;What about him?

Ben looks over to a coffin near Lockes.

Ben:Yes him too.

Ben lifted the lid to the coffin. Patrick walked over, and stared down at the body of Ben Flood.

Patrick:Is it irony, fate, or just a plain coincidence that these 2 died the same night, the two men trying to get us back too the island.

Ben:I have no idea.

(On the island)

A loud noise is heard and a flash lights up the sky above all the survivors who are still on the island. As the light dissipates, Locke realizes that it is suddenly raining, and Richard and the Others, along with their entire campsite, have vanished. Confused and alone, he shouts for anyone in earshot. On the Zodiac, Neil asks what the light was. Daniel, noting that they can still see the island, says that the raft "must have been inside the radius." On the beach, Juliet and Sawyer realize that the smoke from the freighter has vanished, leaving nothing behind. Sawyer tells Juliet that the helicopter was heading for the freighter. Bernard suddenly runs onto the beach yelling for Rose. He asks Juliet if shes seen her. She tells him she hasn't just as Rose comes running from the church, which she explains to Bernard when she reunites with him. Sawyer tries to calm them down, suggesting that they head back to the beach camp, but Bernard exclaims that the camp is gone. They walk with Bernard back to where the camp used to be. People are milling around, but there is no camp. Bernard explains that all of the tents are gone, along with the kitchen and all of their crucial supplies. Just then, Daniel arrives with the other survivors from the Zodiac, insisting that the camp is not gone. Charlotte embraces him in relief at his safe return. Dan asks Juliet to quickly take him to something manmade on the Island. Juliet tells him that there is a Dharma station - albeit one that imploded - 15 minutes from the camp. Daniel is prepared to leave immediately, before the flash of light has a chance to happen again. When Sawyer prods him about his statement about the camp, he replies "Your camp isn't gone. It hasn't been built yet."

Skip Sheifield opened his eyes. He felt his face burning. He reached up to feel the left half of his face burned and scarred. He sat up and looked around. The helicoptor was gone, as well as all the bodies. He got up and started to walk around untill he found the place where the beach camp use to be.

Billy wakes up at the feild where the gun fight had happened. He saw Skip limping away. He tried to get, but fell down. His leg was bleedling badly. He ripped a piece of his shirt off and tied it around his leg. He grabbe a long stick and started to walk away on it. He saw Forres Whitlark treating a bullet wound.

Billy:A litle help over here

Whitlark:It depends, are you still going to help us?

Billy:Why wouldnt I?

Whitlark:The helicoptors gone. You still get the money, but its useless here.

Billy:Well I guess I just have too...

Whitlark:Looking for this?(He lifts a gun)

Justinian woke up in the ocean. Chase was next tohim, a bullet wound in his back. He checked his pulse. Chase was dead. Justinian shoved the body away and started to swim back towards the island.

(On the freighter) Leon:When you killed those women did you care?



Michael:If the circumstances were the same, ye-(BANG)

Leon lowered his gun.

Leon:Then I dont regret that.

leon ran out onto the deck as fast as he could. He was almost off the boat when their was a loud bang and the world vanished around him.

(In the hatch) ran into the room,gun in hand. Micheal shot as leon shot. leon reached for his head and fell down. Micheal, holding his injured side, limped to where Henry was, and let him free. He turned to see Leon, his face covered in blood come up to him.

Leon:Where am I?Whats going on?Who are you?

Then Leon collapsed.

(In the jungle)

Late at night, Patrick and leon gathered up guns and whent out into the jungle. They kept traviling, trying to find the others, but to no avail. They turned back, vowing to continue the next day. They were almost back to camp when someone screamed "Help me" They ran to see a man trapped in a net. "HELP ME PLEASE. MY NAME IS HENRY GALE!" Leon and Patrick cut the rope down and pulled the man out of the net.

(In the another part of the jungle)

At least 15 other came out shooting. Ana Lucia returned fire, but there was no use. Leon pulled out his own gun and fired,hitting an other in the knee.Ana Lucia grabbed the other and pointed the gun at his head. "Leave now or i will put a bullet through his skull"-Ana. An other ran up to the and grabbed Micheal and started to drag him away. "if you follow, he will die"-Other.

(Tailies beachcamp)

Leon lay on the sand, nearly dead. He heard grunts and screams. Then someone started to yell about someone named jacob. Leon remembered when everything was peaceful, when he had nothing to worry about.

(Earlier at the beachcamp) "Ya'll take one step and you will be beggin your dead"-an other. Leon pulled out a gun from his pants and shot the man . The other fell down, grabbing his elbow in pain. a tall dark skinned man charged at them.He hit Leon in the face with a wodden stick.

(In the Ocean)

An eye opens for a second,before closing again. All Leon could see was darkness. The pain was unbearable. He couldnt create any sound,even a scream. He felt an arm wrap around him and drag him on to wood. Finally,Leon let himself go into the darkness.

(On the raft)

Leon aimed his gun at the Others. One man shot him in the leg. It wasnt the first time that had happened. He fired a bullet, hitting an Other square in the chest. In return, Leon got a bullet to the chest. He fired 2 more times, but he didnt no if it hit anyone. Another bullet, this one in the arm, caused leon to trip backwards and plundge into the dark ocean below.


Leon sat next to a man with extremly blue eyes, his complaining sister, and a very heavy man. Why havent they rescued us Leon thought.Suddenly, the trees violently shook and their was a roar. (Day One)

Leon woke up, covered in grime. He looked around to see a crashed plane. Leon grabbed a musclular man and dragged him away from a falling peice of rubble. He then ran to help a man(Wade) whose leg was stuck under a seat from the plane.

(On Flight 815)

Leon sat in his chair, sitting next to a man who looked like a secret agent. The man was starring at another guy,a few seats away, with an angry face. Leon saw a gun in a holster on the man next to him. All of a sudden, the plane began to shake. Leon heard metal being ipped and looked behinde to see the tail section ripoff. He turned to have a piece of luggage fly at him and everything went dark.

(In Australia)

The man had stolen money from Leons boss. he was not a good guy. He was accused of attempted murder 2 but was never proven guilty. he had to pay. It would be tough. Even in the dark of night. As leon walked towards his target, a man bumped into him. The guy Leon was following turned around. he realized Leon was following him and he ran. Leon shot the man in the leg. the man fell in the middle of the street right as a car turned the corner smashing into him. Leon smiled. His job was done and he barley had to do anything.

(At an office building)

Leon knocked on the door. The doorman let him in “Um me and my wife were headed to a hotel when a crowd separated us. I can’t find her and I lost my phone.”-Leon. “Oh here use mine…”-Doorman. Bang. The doorman fell down dead. Two guards went to pull out guns, but it was too late. Leon shot then in seconds. He pulled out his phone and called someone. “Yeah Mr.Widmore. I’m in. Ok third floor. Got it. So it’s just a big map on the wall. Ok.”-Leon Leon entered the elevator. Guards were waiting for him. No biggie. Leon pulled out two machine guns blazing. Leon walked to the door at the end of the hallway and kicked it open. Leon starred at the man at the head of the table, showing his associates a map. They all had guns drawn. That didn’t stop Leon. He shot all the men around the head of the group. It was the man who killed his daughter. His sweet little 7 year old girl. Next to the murderer was his oldest son, who had watched the murder. Leon pulled out a shotgun. “Please don’t. Please I give up”-Murderer. Leon fired, killing the man’s son.”NOOO!”-Murderer. The man went to shoot Leon, but Leon’s was faster. The blast flung the man 5 feet backwards. “That was for my wife,”-Leon. Leon fired again, killing the man. “THAT WAS FOR MY DAUGHTER!”-Leon. He grabbed the map off the desk. It had a bunch of red circles in the middle of the ocean. Leon shrugged, and left the building. He entered the limo, handing the map to Widmore. “Thank you Leon. You did well. I have another assignment for you. I have a problem. I need you take care of it. But the problem is in Australia.

(At a Wharehouse)

There were 7 guys shooting at Leon. Widmore hadnt told him the building would be so guarded. There was no way he could make it inside. He had a .22 and a shotgun. He grabbed the shotgun and fired. It hit the tank of oil and exploded, blasting Leon backwards.

Widmore had sent Leon on a suicide mission. He had made it past the guards by blowing up a tank of oil, but it knocked him out. He had woken up in fancy room, tied to a chair.

Man:So Widmore tried to kill me again. ha, I done with our fighting. now kamp, I want you to tell your boss that I want to have a meeting with him. Oh yeah, Im sorry I was rude, names Martin. Martin Keamy

Keamy:Tell Widmore I know about his double agent as well-Justinian Saydene.Tell Widmore I will work for him, but I want a good pay

Leon:This was all about working for him.

Keamy:Yep. Now, I think my men will take you out.

Keamys men dragged Leon outside and tossed him onto the ground where he hit his head, and everything went dark.

(At an unknown location)

Leon woke up. He starred around him. "Hello there Leon Van de Kamp."-Uknown man Leon turrned and saw a man with short silver hair. It was Widmore

Leon:Where am I?

Widmore:My name is Charels Widmore. My men were tracking the man that killed you family. They found you and saved you. I want to help you. You can work for me, hunt down the man that killed your little girl and briing him to justice

Leon:Well then, hell yeah

(At his house)

Leon entered opened the door to his house. "Honey,I'm home"-Leon. Leon's wife came from the kithcen and kissed him. "How are the kids"-Leon "Same as always"-Melissa. Leon chuckled. Leon went outside and started the grill. He started cooking hamburgers when he heard screams come from the house. Leon ran and then he heard gun shots. He ran in to see a man holding a gun to his daughter. His wife was on the ground,dead. "Your detective de Kamp right?You are the reason my son is dead. I bet you don't even remeber killing my son."-Murder He threw a picture to Leon. leon stared at it for a moment. "I had to kill him. He had 4 hostages. What was i suppose to do?Let him get away?"-Leon "Yes. Who cares about the hostages."-Murderer. Leon pulled out his own gun. The man pulled the trigger, killing Leons daughter. A bullet hit Leon in the leg, than in the chest. There was another man lurking in the corner. The man and the murdere left, leaving Leon to die. Leon starred at his little girl. The man had shot her in the chest. She was still alive. Leon started to cry, an the pain was unbearable. leon blacked out.

(In the ocean)

Leon's eyes shot open. He screamed. he remembered everything. From his family's death all the way to being shot in the head by Michael. Every last detail from the bulllet ripping through the side of his head to his daughter, covered in blood, trying to breathe. He saw the island and started to swim towards it.There was a bright white light and a flash. It was now night. A few minutes later, another flash. And another. Leon reaches the beachcamp at night. He starts to walk towards them when flaming arrows fly down at the group.

(Off island)

Patrick,Jack and ben were in a hotel room. They were preparing to recruit the rest of the oceanic 11.

Patrick:What about Wade? He killed Skip's ex wife. Everythigng is folling apart! Why!?

Ben responds coldly, "It happened because you left."


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