An endless expanse of sky over sea, with a few wisps of white clouds here and there on the horizon. Pull back to reveal we have been looking out the front windows of an airplane cockpit in flight. Gauges point steadily in every which direction on the instrument panel. From one of the gauges hangs a lucky rabbit's foot keychain. The arm of the pilot clutches the throttle; the arm of the copilot clutches a cup of coffee. The pilot, wearing aviator sunglasses, flicks a switch above him.The plane approaches the runway on a developed island. Its tires screech as it touches down. Mindy smiles as the cargo door opens. She sees her mother and runs out to her. Patrick runs out when he sees his parents, introducing them to Georgie. ben Flood walks off texting. The text reads:We made it Wade. Everyones okay. Best luck to you. Flood stares out at everyone celebrating. He started to cry, feeling guilty for him being alive while others were dead. It was all my fault he thought.


Kate:Has anyone seen Claire?

Jack:No she vanished last night. I think Boone went looking for her

Flood,Whitlark,Billy,Patrick, and Skip were getting read to fight the mercenaries.They had offered Billy money to join them. Sawyer and Jack were fifteen minutes ahead of them. When they made it to the helicoptor, Jack and Sawyer were un-cuffing Frank.

Frank: Your buddies were smart enough to keep their @sses on the boat because right now that's the safest place to be. Because when the boys that I brought over here come stompin' out of this jungle, you're gonna wanna be long gone. The mercenaries are headed to some Orchid place.

Jack tells Daniel through the radio.

CHARLOTTE: Daniel? What's wrong?

FARADAY: [Lowers voice] Charlotte, did you hear what he said? They're going to the Orchid. They're using the secondary protocol.

CHARLOTTE: What are you talking about?

[Daniel comes to a page with a drawing on it. The words "The Orchid" can be seen.]

FARADAY: We have to get off this island. Right now.


Mrs.Decker: Based on the location of the wreckage, our best estimate of the crash site is... [click] here. From there, the survivors were carried by the ocean's current to... [click] here--an uninhabited island in the Lesser Sunda Islands known as Membata. As you've all read in your briefing books, on day 103... [click] a typhoon washed up the remnants of an Indonesian fishing boat, including basic supplies and a survival raft. On day 108, the remaining six survivors, including Ms. Austen's baby which she gave birth to on the island of Membata, used this raft to journey here-- [click] an island called Sumba. They then came ashore near a village called Manukangga. This photo was taken by the local fisherman who found them. Once it was discovered who they were, they were transported to Honolulu by the U.S. Coast Guard. As you can imagine, this has been an extraordinarily trying experience. They have, however, agreed to answer a few questions. So, ladies and gentlemen,I present to you, the Oceanic 11

New Reporter;Mr.Flood, why are their only 10 of you.

Flood:Um..Wade barret was the 11th member. As you all know, he is a criminal. He had a gun on him somehow, and he shot Georgie Keamy the minute we made it too land as a diversion.

New Reporter:Doctor Shepard those of you who survived--you swam to the island?

Jack:No. We had, uh, cushions. We had some life jackets. We were in the water for over a day before the current took us in. By then, there was only eight of us left.

MALE REPORTER #1: What happened to the other three?

JACK: One of them, his name is Robert Anderson, suffered tremendous internal injuries and died a few days after the crash. A woman, Libby, she didn't make it through the first week. Charlie Pace, he drowned a few weeks before we were able to leave.


Ben leads Mandy,Locke and Hurley through the jungle. He explains that if, as Christian told Locke, they need to move the Island, then there's only one place to do that: the Orchid station. Hurley asks Ben why he did not move the Island before the mercenaries arrived. Ben replied, "Because doing it is both dangerous and unpredictable. It's a measure of last resort." Along the way, Ben stops at a rock formation and pulls out a hidden case. Inside are binoculars, a signaling mirror, and a DHARMA Initiative cracker tin with the Swan logo. Locke gives the tin to Hurley, who opens it up and starts eating the crackers that are inside. After telling Hurley that the crackers are 15 years old, Ben uses the mirror to reflect light in order to signal something to someone on a nearby cliff. The person on the cliff responds with more reflected light. Locke takes the binoculars and asks Ben whom he communicated with and what he said with the signal. Ben replies, "Who do you think?" to the first question and answers, "None of your business, John," to the second.

Daniel heads off to the Feighter with Mindy,Jun,Jin,Aaron, and others.Sayid and Kate head off into the jungle and Daniel takes Sun, Jin, Aaron and three other survivors in the Zodiac. In the jungle, Kate and Sayid are tracking Jack and Sawyer's footprints. Kate notices a different fresh set of tracks that have doubled back on them, and Sayid calls for whoever is following them to reveal themselves. Richard Alpert emerges from the jungle, and Kate and Sayid draw their guns and tell Richard to stand down. He asks them to calm down and continues moving towards them until a large group of Others come out of the bush and aim rifles at the pair. Richard disarms the two and the Others begin escorting them to an undefined location.


Patrick:I cant belevie we are free.

Georgie:Yeah its sad. I mean everyone that died, Jin, Michael Robert,Libby,Ana...



Later, the three reach the Orchid, only to find that Keamy's team have made it there first. Ben gives Locke very specific instructions on what to do once inside the station (which involves finding a secret elevator to the real station), hands him his telescopic baton, then walks out into the open where Keamy's team can see him. Keamy comes out and Ben surrenders to him. Keamy holds a gun to Ben's head for a second, before hitting him with it instead.


Patrick sits at Leon's grave.Patrick:Im sorry. You should still be alive. I hope by some miracle you are. Dont worry. i will find a way to get back. And if your alive, Im going to get you off the island. You saved my life, and for that, I can never repay you.

Patrick stood up, and walked away from the grave of Joshua Jackson.

Georgie:I cant belevie he is dead. I wished he lived to see her.


Georgie went to her car and opened the back door. A girl around 10 hopped out.

Georgie;patrick, meet Annie Jackson.

End of part 1

Jack and Sawyer catch up with Hurley and Mandy at the Orchid. ♪ Locke is trying to locate the elevator to the underground area. ♪ Locke tells Jack that he has to lie when he gets off the Island to protect it. ♪ Locke also tries to persuade Jack to stay on the Island and fulfill his destiny, suggesting that the Island is a place where miracles happen. Jack argues that there are no such things as miracles, and chooses to leave with Hurley and Sawyer for the helicopter, although Hurley warns them that Keamy and his men were headed there.

On the boat, the group rushes to get the bomb to be disarmed.

Wade:I have to call the others, tell them not to come.

Chase ran up and grabbed the radio, throwing it into the ocean.


Ben is taken by Keamy to the helicopter, where they find Frank still handcuffed, but trying to free himself with aid of the toolbox. As Keamy begins to question him about who gave him the toolbox, Kate comes running out of the jungle. When asked by Keamy why she was running she claims to be being chased by "his people", pointing to Ben. Keamy orders two members of his team to search the jungle, as he and the remaining team form a perimeter. Keamy orders Kate onto her knees next to Ben, with whom she exchanges knowing glances. As the team searches the jungle, the Whispers are heard by everyone immediately before the Others quickly ambush and begin eliminating the mercenaries. Flood's group joins the fight, killing mercenaries. Billy is hit on the leg and collapses. Skip runs towards Keamy, only to be shot.


Patrick:Are you Ali Sheifield

Ali:yes Who are you?

Patrick:My name is Patrick Davis and Im a survivor of flight 815. I knew your husband. He was a great man. he saved us and died trying to get us off the island.


The Others then begin to trade gunfire with Keamy and his remaining team, while Frank, Kate, and Ben take cover. One of the mercenaries, Redfern, is incapacitated with an electrical stunning weapon, while Keamy takes cover behind a large rock. Kate tells Ben to stay close, then gives him the cue to run into the jungle. As Keamy breaks cover to chase Ben and Kate, Frank yells, "Grenade!", as one lands at Keamy's feet. He kicks it away, inadvertently lobbing it to land at Omar's feet, and dives back behind the rock. The grenade explodes and kills Omar. Patrick starts to shed a tear, realizing that Skip was near the grendade. As the debris settles, Keamy stands, and after presumably realizing he had just unintentionally killed Omar, grunts in anger and chases after Ben and Kate.

Justinian runs up from behinde Chase and atacks him, getting the upper hand. A crew member attacks Justinian. Leon grabs the crew member, shoving him over board. Wade grabbed a fallen gun, and shot Chase, who fell overboard, but not before pushing Justinian.


Widmore:Im glad you took the job Wade.

Wade:Just shut up ad tell me the job.

Widmore;Dont talk to me like thaat. i need you to follow someone.


Widmore:Sayid jarrah


Keamy pulls out a knife and carefully enters the Orchid. He begins to explain to Ben, who is hiding away, that if Ben kills him the entire freighter will be destroyed and many innocent people killed. While he is speaking, the Orchid orientation video is running properly and is visible in the background on the monitor on which Locke had been viewing it earlier; Halliwax's subdued voice is detectable at one point. Keamy begins to mock Alex's death, but suddenly Locke appears.

Locke explains that he has no conflict with Keamy and that Keamy should allow the innocent people on the freighter to live. Flood enters the orchid station.

FLood:You killed a friend of mine today Keamy

Flood shoots Keamy knocking the knife from Keamy's hand.

Flood:Finish him Linus.

Once Keamy is knocked down, Ben grabs Keamy's fallen knife and starts stabbing him repeatedly. Locke pulls him off in an attempt to save Keamy and those on the freighter, but the damage is done and Keamy is left dying. 

Frank, Jack, Kate, Sawyer,Patrick, Sayid and Hurley board the helicopter. Flood makes it just on time and they take off to the freighter. Along the way, Frank notices that the helicopter is leaking gas, from a stray bullet hole. Because fuel is so low, Frank doesn't think they'll make it to the freighter. He tells them to throw out anything that isn't bolted down. The passengers follow his orders, but he claims that "losing another few hundred pounds wouldn't hurt." Hurley is visibly distressed. After sizing up the situation, Sawyer whispers in Kate's ear something which sounds like "I have a daughter in Alabama. You have to find her and tell her I'm sorry." He kisses her and jumps from the helicopter, enabling the rest of the passengers to make it to the freighter.

Keamy tells Ben that Widmore will find him. Ben replies, "Not if I find him first." Despite Locke's best efforts to save him, Keamy dies. Locke tells Ben that he just killed everyone on the freighter, to which Ben coldly responds, "So?"

The zodiac raft arrives, and Sun Jin Mindy and other survivors pile on to the freighter as Danny heads back to the island.

As the helicopter arrives at the freighter, Desmond is frantically waving at them and warning them of the bomb about to go off. Frank lands anyway, and hurriedly starts filling the tank and patching the leak.

Patrick:Leon hurry up!

Leon:No your getting on that helicoptor. i swear to you that you and Georgie are finally going home. Even if I die, I will make it happen.

Leon then ran into the room with the bomb.

Leon:When you killed those women did you care?



Michael:If the circumstances were the same, ye-(BANG)

Leon lowered his gun.

Leon:Then I dont regret that.

(Slow motion montage)

  • Leon runs out onto the deck.
  • Mindy and Desmond hop onto the helicoptor.
  • Sun screams for Jin.
  • The helicoptor takes off
  • Leon is about to jump off the edge of the boat.

The freighter explodes. Sun screams at the top of her lungs. Patrick stares down at the remains of the freighter. kate starts to cry. Flood looks down, all the guilt crashing down on him.

Juliet is on the beach, alone, with a bottle of rum. Sawyer arrives on the beach after having leaped from the helicopter. Seeing the bottle, he asks what Juliet is celebrating. Juliet tells him that she is not celebrating and points to the smoke emanating from the destroyed freighter.

Meanwhile, Locke left the Orchid and heads to Richard and the Others, following Ben's instructions. At his arrival, all of the Others look surprised and Richard tells him "welcome home." Ben finds himself inside a dark and icy room, where stones are covered in hieroglyphs. There, across from Ben, is a wall with a large wheel. After looking up and declaring, "I hope you're happy now, Jacob," Ben proceeds to turn the wheel, though with great physical and emotional difficulty. The more the wheel is turned, the brighter the room becomes. Outside, the entire Island emanates an otherworldly noise and the sky turns purple. Suddenly, a light envelops the Island and everything within the light disappears.

While the helicopter is heading back to the Island, a bright light floods the sky and the Island vanishes. Low on fuel and with nowhere to land, Frank tells them to put on life-jackets and prepare for impact. Jack tells Frank to fly to another island, but Frank responds that there is no other island. Sayid throws a life raft into the water moments before impact.

The group waksee up, trying to get onto the raft when a boat appereas.Onboard the Searcher, a crewman, who is actually Henrik from the listening station, frantically moves back and forth and calls out for "Ms. Widmore." ♪ Penelope exits the bridge to see what was happening. Desmond hears Penny's voice as she directs the Searcher crewmen to help the people aboard the raft. He calls up to her, "Penny!" and jumps onto some netting to pull himself up to the ship and rushes to meet Penelope on the deck. ♪ Reunited, Desmond quickly introduces Penelope to the others from the life raft. Jack tells Penelope seriously that they need to talk.

A week later, the Oceanic Six prepare to depart from Penelope's freighter with a well established cover story, while Desmond and Frank stay behind. Jack tells Desmond to be careful now that they know what Widmore is capable of, then quotes Desmond — "See you in another life, brother." The Oceanic Six get on the life-raft and head for the Island of Sumba. They arrive on Sumba. Wade, a gun full of blanks shoots thowards Georgie and runs off. Flood nnods to him, wishing him the best of luck.


Jack, still apparently drunk and high, drives to the funeral parlor after hours. He breaks in and approaches the casket, noticing that no one has yet signed the release form for Bentham's body. Ben suddenly enters the room. Jack says that Bentham had told him Ben was off the Island, Jack and Kate having spoken to Bentham about a month prior. Bentham had said that after Jack left the Island "some very bad things happened" and it was Jack's fault for leaving. Bentham added that Jack had to come back. Ben replies that he has heard about Jack riding passenger planes, hoping they'll crash; Ben describes this as "very dark". Ben tells Jack he is here to let him know that the Island won't let him come alone: "all of you have to go back". Jack says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley is mentally unwell, Sun blames Jack for Jin's death, and Kate won't even talk to him anymore. Ben says that this is the only way: all of them have to do it together, and that Ben has a few ideas about how it is to be done and is willing to help. However he specifies that all of them must return, including the deceased Bentham, who is revealed to be John Locke.

Patrick;What about him?

Ben looks over to a coffin near Lockes.

Ben:Yes him too.

Ben lifted the lid to the coffin. patrick walked over, and stared down at the body of Ben Flood.


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