Mindy starred out towards the freighter. She had to find Mandy. They needed to get off the island.


Mindy pulled her car up to the sidewalk. Her and her sister were in Australia. Mandy had been missing all night. She found her sister beaten up and bleeding.

Mindy:What the hell happened.

Mandy:some guy attacked me. He..(Mandy started to cry for the first time in 2 years)


Mindy followed Patrick and Ben Flood to head to the barracks.

Flood:Locke we have an offer. You come back to the beach camp and you can get off the island.

Locke:Im not going any where with those people.

Sawyer:Im going.


Locke:Fine go and die with your friends.

Mindy:Mandy come with me


Mindy:Mandy come with me. We can go back home. Forget everything that happened here.

Mandy:Who cares about what happened. Death is good.



Mandy:No Im not going. Im happy here. Im actually happy.

Mindy:Please come with me

Mandy:No. Im staying here.

Flood:Ok come on. We have to go. We are going to have some fighting going on soon.

The group headed back for the beachcamp. When they were half way there, they heard a helicoptor.Mindy starred at her last chance at freedom from the island.She thought of Widmore, the man trying to kill her, her dad.


Mindy was dressed like Mandy. Black clothes, hair, nails. She was looking for someone.

Mindy:Finally I found you. Man:You look familiar. Your one of the Oceanic 11

Mindy:Yep. But thats not how you know me. You raped my sister

The man ran, but Mindy grabbed him and slit his wrists and throat.

Mindy:My sister was right, death is good.


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