At the Barracks, Sawyer, Locke and Hurley are playing Risk, when the phone rings. Locke picks up the receiver and hears an automated message repeating, "Code 14J". Ben is playing the piano in another house and is agitated when Locke and Sawyer come in and tell him about the phone call. Ben opens the piano bench and pulls out a sawed-off shotgun, racks a shell and hands it to a surprised Sawyer. They take up position at Locke's house (formerly Ben's), blockading doors and windows. Locke demands to know what is going on, Ben replies, "They're here!"

                                                    Ben Flood
                                                    Forrest Whitlark
                                                    Billy Chen 

Leon,Justinian and their 2 hostages were headed towards the Barracks when they heard gunfire. Then theire was an explosion.Leon pulled out his gun . There were footsteps. Leon aimed his gun at the person.

Boone:Wait woah its me.

Boone was carrying a disoriented Claire.

Leon:What the hell is going on over their.

Man: Its a group of men trying to kidnap Ben.

Leon and the group turned around to see Forrest Whitlark.Leon aimed his gun at him.

Leon:You have some nerve showing up here.

Whitlark:It wasent my falt. Jason had gone insane.

There was a gunshot. The group ran to the edge of the forrest to see a man standing over the body of a dead girl. Then bullets started to fly towards them. A bullet hit John in the throat, killing him. Leon tossed Boone a gun and they shot towards the mercenarys. Billy ran to grab a gun, but Leon kicked him in the face. Justinian was shot in the arm.

Leon:Run! Theres to many of them!

As the group ran, there was a explosion behinde them. Machine guns blazed behinde them. Skip,Chase, and Flood found the group running. They started to shoot, but they were still outgunned. As they ran, Chase was shot in the back. The group kept on running. Then their was mechanical sounds. A pillar of black smoke grabbed one of the mercenaries, flinging him. This gave the group the chance to escape.

They ran out onto the beachcamp.

Leon:Jack! We were just attacked by mercenaries. They killed Ben's daughter, and probraly Chase as well.

Jack:Don't worry, Sayid is coming back by a raft to take us to the boat. We are finally leaving.

A few hours later, Sayid arrived.

Sayid;Bad new. The ship is rigged with a bomb. And the mercenaries came back to the boat and killed the captain and doctor.

Leon:I have a plan. Tommorow, I will find Lockes group and tell them they either come with us or stay. Then, the day after that, Daniel can start bringing people to the freighter while I take care of the mercenaries.

Sayid:You can't. their leader, Martin Keamy, has a dead man's trigger. He dies, the boat blows up.

Georgie:Did you say Keamy?


Georgie:Oh my gosh

Leon: Skip, Flood,patrick, Forrest, get some guns. We have to stop these killers.

Leon collapsed as he was shot in the leg. The mercenaries started to shoot at the beachcamp.

Georgie:STOP! Martin Keamy Im your daughter! My name is Georgie Sm...

A bullet hit her in the chest.

Keamy;Your nothing to me. Okay listen up, I want Joshua Jackson, Justinian Saydene, and the girl. I will let you live, for now if you do.

Leon(Whispering to Ben Flood):Do it. I dont care. Give me two guns. Il get out and save these two.

Flood gave the three over to Keamy. Patrick was about to shoot Keamy.

Flood:Dont. Leon can handle this.

Keamy draggged the group away. He piled them up onto the helicoptor. Leon remebered the helicoptor take off, and then he blacked out. He opened his eyes and he was on the freighter. There he saw Michael. He hated Michael for killing Libby and Ana.The minute Keamy left, Leon jumped up and started to strangle Michael.


Michael:(Gag) I... I was trying to save my son.

Leon released him. He went out onto the deck to see the helicoptor taking off again. Frank walked by him, and slipped the radio into his hand.

Leon;Sayid its me. I need you to bring the raft and get me off of this boat. Why. Because that psyco is headed back to the island for Ben. And then we all die.


Patrick and georgie were at a grave.

Patrick:Im sorry. You should still be alive. I hope by some miracle you are. Dont worry. i will find a way to get back. And if your alive, Im going to get you off the island. You saved my life, and for that, I can never repay you.

Patrick stood up, and walked away from the grave of Joshua Jackson


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