(mason is no longer a main cast member as of this episode)

There was a little whizzing sound. Skip grabbed his arm as a bullet hit him. Leon pulled out his gun, only to be shot(again for the billionth time). Patrick started shooting towards the bushes. Flood and Chase grabbed guns and fired as well. Georgie gets shot in the chest. Mason and two men game out from their hiding spot, guns in hand.

Mason:Give us jackson, keamy, and Saydene and we will leave you guys alone.

A bullet went clean through Mason's head. Leon, gun in hand shot the other mercenarys in the legs.

Leon:I think its time for answers.


Leon;Give me your names now.

Mecenary #1:John Beglar

Mercenary #2:Billy Chen

Leon:Why are you here?

Billy:To kill you and some other people.


John:Because we are going to get alot of money.

Leon:patrick go take Georgie to jack. I will handle these clowns.

Billy:Look we are not bad people. We just needed money and we were told that some people neede to be killed.

Leon:Why does Widmore want me dead. I worked for him.

John: You know too much about him. Same with Saydene. Hes tieing up lose ends. And the girl is a daughter of someone he does not like very much.



Jack: What happened.

Patrick:We were attacked by people from the boat you so willingly trusted.

Jack;What?Daniel what the hell is going on?

Patrick:Forget about him now. I need you to help her! Oh yeah, give me the radio

(On the Freighter)

Patrick(over radio): You guys need to get off the boat now.

Sayid:What is going on?

Patrick: people from the boatattacked us. georgie was shot.

Wase:What! You were attacked.

Patrick:Yeah. Mason helped them. Leon killed him.

Wade:D@mnit. I saw a group leave a few minutes ago. Carrying guns.


Wade:Oh yeah, Michael is on the boat. hes a spy for ben.

Patrick:I got to go now.


Patrick:How is she?

Jack:She will live, but we have to get her off the island soon if she is to live.(jack leaves tent)

Patrick:How do you feel?

Georgie:I just got shot. So I feel like Im winning.

Patrick:mason is dead. Leon is interrorgating those other guys right now.

Georgie;Good. Are you going to stay here.

Patrick:As long as you are here.

(On the freighter)

Frank;Are you bipolar or something. One minute you were all happy talking to your girlfriend on the phone then next you are all evil and angry.

Wade:Im not bipolar. Im bi winning.

Sayid: Okay we need to stop these people from killing our friends. How many people can the plane hold.

Frank:12. 7 is good if you want it to fly properly.

Sayid:We need to get the people off the island and onto the boat.

(On the way to the temple)

Some time into their journey, Danielle, Alex, and Karl take a break. Sudden gunfire erupts from the jungle and Karl is shot in the chest. Danielle and Alex hide behind a tree and quickly decide they need to make a run for it. They get to their feet, but Danielle is immediately hit by gunfire and falls to the ground. Alex stands up, puts her hands in the air and yells, "I'm Ben's daughter!"

leon:Have a nice rest Saydene

Justinian;Whats going on

Leon:So you work for keamy and Widmore

Justinian:Yeah. I hated them both.Why you do as well.


Justinian:and Im guessing these people want to kill us.


Justinian:(To John)I will pay you one million dollars if you help me leave the island alive.

Leon glares at him angraly.

Justinian:Just saying


Jack: Explain everything to me Daniel

Daniel:We are not really here to save you. We need to bring a few people to our boss, Charles Widmore.


Daniel:Charles Widmore

Mindy:Oh my gosh, thats my dad.


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