The helicoptor landed on the frieghter. Both Desmond and Wade had gone insane.Two men ran up to Frank, demanding to know why he brought survivors. Wade had no idea what was going on.

Wade laughed as he shot the bank attendent.

Wade;Okay anyone move and I kill this kid over here.

After collecting $10,000, Wade left the bank. He heard sirens. He laughed. The police would never catch him. The bank blew up as Wade kept on laughing.


Georgie;What do you mean I havent looked at my birth certificate.

Mason:have you? Ever?

Mason:Well okay, nice having this chat.I told you aall the info you wanted, so later

Leon waited 3 minutes.

Leon:Skip follow him. And when your done, bring Justinian here.

(The freighter)

Wade and Desmond were brought to the sick bay. There was another person there. he was suffering from the same thing as Wade.

News Reporter: Today, Wade Barrett, suspect in 3 murders, robbed a bank today. After the robbery, the bank was blown up. Their are no survivors. The police are on the hunt for wade, responsible for at least 20 deaths.

Wade heard a bunch of footsteps. Wade ggrabbed his gun and jumped out of the window of his house. The house exploded seconds later. Wade knew he had to flee the country.

Wade woke up to see Desmond talking to Daniel on the satellite phone. Desmond handed Wade the phone.

Daniel;Wae I need you too listen to me. What year are you in?


Daniel;Perfect. I need you to go to Oxford. Meet up with Desmond and me.

Wade was on a plane headed to Oxford, under the alias Anthony Rogers. He arrived at Oxford and met up with Desmond

(The scenes between Desmond,Wade, and Daniel are virtualy the same as in the show)

(The feighter)

Wade awakens to see Minkowski have a fit and bleeds again. Minkowski's final 'trip' cost him his life, as he returned to 2004 he dies, his last words are I can't get back.

Wade wakes up in a room in Australia. He is with his girlfriend, who knows him by the name Anthony Rogers.

Wade;Susan I need to talk too you about something really serious.

Suasn:What is it?

Wade:In four years, Im going to calll you. Its extremly imortant that you dont change your number, and that you answer your phone.

Susan:Whats going on?

Wade:Please just do it.

Wade woke up on the freighters. Desmond had gotten off the phone with Penny. Wade grabbed the phone and called Susan

Wade:I told you I would call.

Susan:where have you been.

Wade:I was on oceanic 815. We crashed, but Im alive. I have to tell you something


Wade:My name is Wade barret and Im a killer.


Wade:Because I never really loved you.

Wade smiled as he heard an explosion in the background, and their was static oner the phone. Wade had found his constant. Death.

(Back on the island)

Skip arrived back at Leon's camp with an unconsious Justinian.

Skip:Now what.

Leon:We wait til he wakes up and then we find the connection between me,georgie and him.

There was a little whizzing sound. Skip grabbed his arm as a bullet hit him. Leon pulled out his gun, only to be shot(again for the billionth time). Patrick started shooting towards the bushes. Flood and Chase grabbed guns and fired as well. Georgie gets shot in the chest. Mason and two men game out from their hiding spot, guns in hand.

Mason:Give us jackson, keamy, and Saydene and we will leave you guys alone.

A bullet went clean through Mason's head. Leon, gun in hand shot the other mercenarys in the legs.

Leon:I think its time for answers.


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