Wade:No. Im done with the island. All it caused was trouble. And Im a better man now

Flood:Your hididng from the police. Your one of the most wanted men. We had to hide you when we made it back.

Wade:Im a better man now. Please leave.


Leon:You want to kill me.

Mason:Not want. Well yeah I do want to kill you, but Im ordered to kill you.

Leon:Who ordered you.

Mason:Charles Widmore of course


Locke's group was settleing into the barracks. Sayid and Kate had arrived with a man named Miles. They were going to trade Miles for Charlotte. When Skip had a chance, he fled the Barracks and headed towards the beach. He arrived at Leon's camp 20 minutes later.

Skip: Locke has someone named Charlotte, but Kate and Sayid are trading her for Miles.

Flood arrived a few minutes later after spying on Jack's group.

Flood: Sayid and Desmond plan on taking the helicoptor to the freighter.

Leon:Ok I need someone on that boat.

Wade:Il go.

Leon:Okay good.


Wade was trying to live life the best he could. He had been in hiding ever since getting off the island.His phone rang.

Wade:No. I told you I wont take the job. I hate you. You killed the person who saved my life.


As Sayid and Desmond got onto the helicoptor, Wade ran towards them with a gun.

Wade:Where do y'all think your going.

Sayid:Hurry Frank

Wade:You guys aint leaving without me.

Skip:So what are we going to do with with him.

mason;Your going to let me go

Leon:Not happening.

Mason;let me go and I will tell you who we are sent to kill.


Mason;We have been sent to kill Ben Linus,Joshua Jackson,Justinian Saydene, and Georgie Keamy.



Georgie:My last name is not keamy.

Mason:Have you ever seen your own birth certificate.

(On the helicoptor)

Sayid:Frank, if we stay on this bearing, we head into a storm.

The helicoptor started to change berrings.Wade's eyes widened.

Wade starred down at the man that killed his sister. He loked up and saw someone taking a video. He ran after the guy . He grabbed the man and smashed his head into a wall. Then he tossed the man into the street.

Wade looked around. He was on ahelicoptor.

Wade:Who are you?


Woman:Whoo are you.

Wade:My name is Wade Barret. Are you Ai Sheifeild


Wade:I need to talk to you about your ex-husband. Hes not dead.

AL:Wha? He died on oceanic 815

Wade:No. Im a survivor. One of the Oceanic 11.

Ali;You musr be mistaken.

Wade:We told me to tell you this. He told me to tell you May 12, 1998

Ali:The day we met.

Wade:I guess He told me you would understand. he was a fool. I told him i would get back at him for shooting me.

Ali;What is going on.

Wade;Your ex shot me. And now I get my revenge.

Ali grabbed a gun from a desk. A bullet hit Wade in the chest. He shot Ali in the neck, killing her. he limped over to the phone.

Wade:Okay i take the job. But I need help. I have been shot. Please Mr.Widmore


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