There was a loud sound and someone got out of a helicoptor. It was a frieghter member. They ran to him but someone had made it their first. Jack ran to the man too, but too late.

Chase:Hello their

Jack:You your from the frieghter.

Daniel(To Chase)Who are you, (To Jack)Are you Jack?

JACK: Yeah, I'm Jack. Who are you?

DANIEL: I'm Daniel Faraday. I'm here to rescue you.

                                                     Ben Flood
                                                     Forrest Whitlark

A man sat alone in his house. He had no money, no friends, no family, no life. He had to get back to the island. Ben Flood grabbed his phone.

Flood:Yes I will take the job.


Chase:Not so fast Mr.Shepard. This man is coming with me.

A log smashed into Chase's head.

Leon:No. your coming with me.

Patrick and Leon picked up Chase and started to head back to the beach.

Skip was nervous about his task. He had to spy on Locke's group, and report back to leon. His nose started to twitch.

Locke:You ok Skip.

Skip:Yeah Im um fine.

The gropu made it to a cliff, where a red haired woman was swimming out from a pond.

CHARLOTTE: I can't believe you're alive. How many of you are there?

HURLEY: Why do you wanna know?

CHARLOTTE: Why wouldn't I wanna know?

HURLEY: Forty-eight of us survived the crash, that's not counting the tail-section. They're pretty much all dead now...

LOCKE: Hugo.

CHARLOTTE: So you've all been living here this entire time. [To Claire] Is that your baby?

CLAIRE: Yeah, this is Aaron.

CHARLOTTE: Did you have him here on the Island?

CLAIRE: [In affirmation] Mmhmm.

CHARLOTTE: That's amazing.

[Ben looks at the gun tucked into Karl's trousers.]

CHARLOTTE: Well, I've about a million more questions I want to ask you, but they can wait until we get you back to the freighter. We all got one of these transponders, so if we just sit tight, they're gonna be here soon, okay?

LOCKE: This team of yours, how many of you are there?

CHARLOTTE: Four including me.

LOCKE: And what happened to your helicopter?

CHARLOTTE: I dunno, the pilot was trying to put it down.

LOCKE: Where?

CHARLOTTE: I dunno. I had to jump, it was chaos. I'm lucky to be alive.

LOCKE: Get up, you're coming with us.

CHARLOTTE: Wha- What? We need to stay where we are so they can find us.

LOCKE: See, there's your problem. We don't wanna be found.

Ben Flood left the beachcamp, following Jack,Kate and Dan head to another science team member. He watched the confrantation, and them head to find the pilot. He ran to tell Leon as fast as he could.


Georgie: I already told Patrick i don't want to go back.

Flood:We have to. Its our destiny.

Georgie:You sound just like Locke.

Flood:All of our lives have fallen apart. Yours mine,Patricks,Jack...every single last one of us.


Leon's group ran through the jungle, following close behinde Jack's group. The two groups made it to the field at the same time.

Jack:What are you doing here Leon?

Leon:Stopping you. You plan on going to the freighter and leaving the island dont you?

Jack: Yes I do. Its my goal to get everyone off this island.

Leon:We dont even know these people. We have to wait, make sure its ok to go with them.

Jack:Its our best shot.

Patrick:How are you going to feel if we all end up dead because of you?

Jack:No one is going to die.

Leon:Your right. I swear to you I will get everyone off this island, even if I die trying.

Jack:I will too.

Leon:You dont get it jack. If you trust these people right away, and they end up being bad, you will have killed us all.

Jack:How do you know these people might be evil

Leon:Because I use to work for there boss. Charels Widmore.

Miles:Howd you know he was our...

Leon:You have to be more careful about where you put personal letters. You dropped this while running. Dear Mrs Miles Straume, I am very happy you have exceptted this role on the science team. Yyou will recieve your payment when your mission is finished. Sincerly Charles Widmore

Miles:D@mn it

Leon:I think we are done here.

The rest of the group left the field. About fifteen minutes later, there were gun shots. Leon had a bullet clip his leg. Patrick grabbed georgie and pulled her to the ground. Wade pulled out his gun and fired. The gun fire stopped. Mason applewhite fell out from the bushes.

Wade:Now tell me...who the hell are you

Mason:My name is Mason McKnight and Im here to kill Joshua Jackson


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