The Road So Far

On September 22, 2004, Oceanic 815 breaks apart mid air. Their is a group of 60 survivors, led by Jack Shepard.On the first night, their is a strange noise in the jungle. The pi;ot is found dead. One survivor, Wade Barret, starts trouble with the group. The noise is revealed to be a smoke monster, and injures one of the survivors. It is revealed a survivor, Ethan is really not a survivor. He kidnaps claire and charlie. Boone and Locke find a hatch. Patrick Locke and Justinian get in a fight with Etahn, where he is apparenty killed. Sawyer is injured by the smoke monster, and Wade kills a survivor. The group plans to build a raft.Rob is killed when a plane falls with him in it. The hatch is revealed and wade is freed by Skip Sheiffield. Th raft is launched, but attacked by others. Leon is shot and the raft destroyed. Georgie and Patrick flee from others, and Georgie drowns and dies. Ethan attacks Patrick, but is killed. Locke, jack and other survivors get dynamite to open the hatch. Others attack the beach camp, but are driven off. The hatch door is destroyed, revealing a shaft that goes into an underground station.

Season Two begins with a man living in the hatch,Desmond, who has met Patrick and Jack.He has to push a button every 108 minutes to save the world. georgie mysteriously comes back to life. Leon is between life and death.It is revealed that their are tail section survivors,and most died from the smoke monster/others kidnapped them.They head to the beachcamp and capture and other,mason applewhite. Wade goes after Ana Lucia, who has money of his. Georgie is kidnapped by Mason. Patrick tries saving her but is injured. Him and leon find a man named Henry Gale and save him.Patrick and Wade save gerogie. henry is revealed to be an other. Micheal kills Ana and Libby, and causes leon to have brain damage. Henry escapes.Desmond arrives back on the island. Him,Locke and Chase try to stop Eko from pressing the button, and succede. They find out the button wasnt a hoax and Desmon destrroys the hatch. A survivor named jason Everheart escapes the others. Mason warns about others wanting to kidnap some of them. A group head to fight the others. Jack Leon jason patrick kate and georgie are taken by them. Charles Widmore finds the location of the island and prepares to attack it.

Season Three opens with the kidnapped survivors waking up. leon remebers a bit of his past, and meets Juliet. His dead wife later appers and tells him he has to escape.Justinian tries to kill Wade, but Wade kills him. Chase encounters Sameul Danielson and Phillip, the last Dharma member. they convince Chase that the others are evil. Mason tells skip sun sayid and jin about a monster trying to get off the island. The kidnapped try to escape with the help of Juliet. jack stays behide. Georgie is trapped, and Patrick stays with her while the others leave. Jin,Sun,Mason,Skip,and Sayid arrive. Wade steals their boat. the group leaves and patrick stays behinde. Justinian comes back to life and tortures Wade.Patrick georgie Juliet jack and leon are taken to the barracks. Patrick tells survivor ben Flood to get ready for an attack and to save them.A group tries to save them, but are cornered by the others. Locke and Sawyer are kidnapped. Mason communicates with someone in a helicoptor. During the shootout.Ben flood hides and Juliet and Leon are apparently killed in an explosion. The rest of the group go back to camp along with mason and sawyer. Desmond,Charlie,Jin,Hurley, and Patrick headed out to find someone that Desmond said would arrive on the island. they are attacked by others but escape. They find the woman, who reveals Mason's treachery. leon saves a handcuffed Wade and knock out Justinian. At the barracks, the others are attacked by Widmore's men. Jason is revealed to be working for Widmore. mason is captured and interroerated by Wade. The group prepares for an upcoming fight with the others.karl warns them the others are attacking that night. He then reveals that Jason is an other. As a group heads to the radio sation, Jason and others attack the beahchcamp, where a battle ensues. Shannon, and all the others, including Jason are killed. Charlie Desmond, and Chase head to the looking glass, where charlie drwowns and it is revealed Chase works for Widmore. Jack calls the freighter, but not before Locke kills Naomi. The survivors wait for rescue. It is revealed that some survivors make it off the island.

Season Four opens with the survivors splitting into groups-Jack's group

Juliet Sayid Jin Sun Desmond Kate Rose Bernard Mindy

Locke's group

Claire Rousseau Boone Hurley Ben Karl Mandy Alex Sawyer Samuel Phillip

Leon's group

Wade Patrick Georgie Ben Flood Skip Justinian Chase

mason is revealed to be on the island to kill Leon,Georgie, and Justinian. Wade makes it onto the helicoptor that is headed to the freighter, but he experiences displacement in time, until he finds his constant-death. mason attacks Leon's group with two mercenaries, and shoots georgie. Leon kills leon and captures the mercenaries-Billy and John. Patrick rushes georgie to Jack, who tells Patrick that she will live if she gets medical treatment off island. Sayid plans to load the survivors onto the freighter. After a shootout at the barracks, chase is presumed dead. Keamy and his team attack the beach camp, capturing Leon,Georgie and Justinian. In 2005, Patrick and georgie visit the grave of Leon.

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