The group started to clean up the beach camp. TThere were alot of dead others. Skip came back with a half dead Wade. Mason had escaped. They started to head to the radio tower when Desmond returned. He explained Charlie's death. Then the grieving group headed to the radio tower.


The beach house group reach the cockpit. The group from the radio tower has arrived. People hug and the reunion is excited and warm. Claire stands alone with Aaron looking for Charlie. Hurley approaches her with a miserable look on his face and breaks down as he tells her that Charlie is dead. They try to console each other. Jack goes up to Locke, knocks him to the ground, accuses him of destroying their one hope of rescue. He grabs Locke's pistol. Locke says Jack won't shoot but Jack pulls the trigger. It has no bullets. Jack begins to beat Locke and has to be stopped by the other survivors.

Locke tells everyone that they need to trust him, that the freighter people are dangerous, and that he intends to go back to the Others' barracks since it's the most defensible place on the Island. He asks them to join him, saying, "If you want to live, you need to come with me." Jack counters that Locke is insane, that only crazy people would follow him and that Locke always attempted to prevent their rescue. Kate arrives and announces that Naomi is dead, and that "they're on their way." Hurley makes an impassioned plea and says he is "listening to Charlie" -- he says that he trusts Charlie's message and joins Locke, followed by Claire, Rousseau, Ben (after sarcastically asking Jack's permission), Karl, Alex and (to Kate's surprise) Sawyer. Kate asks Sawyer what he is doing. He says he's doing the same thing he's always done - "surviving." Rose and Bernard still wish to stay on the island but don't trust Locke enough to join his group. Locke and his group leave in a tropical downpour.

Leon:Stop! Are you guys insane. You cant just decide from what one person says. We should head back to the beach camp and see if we can trust these people.

Jack;NO! They ARE here to help us.

Leon:Fine. Go your own way. Anyone who wants to observe the situation come with me.

Patrick and georgie rightaway went with Leon. Skip went with Locke. Ben Flood went with Jack. Madny went with Locke, and Mindy went with Jack.Justinian went with Locke, along with Samuel Danielson and Philip.Wade went with Leon. Juliet Sayid Rose bernard Jin Sun Desmond and kate went with Jack. Boone thought for a second, and decided to go with Locke.

Leon:So be it. You are all being fools. Deciding right away if these people are good or bad. I appretiate you guys coming with me

Patrick:wouldnt have it any other way.

There was a loud sound and someone got out of a helicoptor. It was a frieghter member. They ran to him but someone had made it their first.

Jack ran to the man too, but too late.

Chase;Hello their Daniel.

jack:You your from the frieghter.

Daniel(To Chase)Who are you, (To Jack)Are you Jack?


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