Previously on lost

."Best you got hoss?"-Sawyer. Sawyer threw him off balance and stopped on his nose"SAWYER!"-Kate Sawyer stepped away. "Thats just a warning bucko" "we will settle this another time"-Sawyer "Il get you"-Wade "Im sure you will"-Sawyer

"You Robby my man you rocked. Cant belevie you just owned that guy. Man your 15-0. Who knows your going to be the feather wight ufc champion" Andy exclaimed. "Thanks man"-Rob kept on walking. He wasnt your average ufc fighter. he wasnt big or mucscular. He was just lucky. He had earned himself the name Mr.Luck. Well that all went down the cr@pp&r after his sister died. Thenhe lost 7 fights in a row got hit my a car and crashed on an island.


"Hey um Mr...Locke. Can i go hunting with you."-Rob "You sure can son. Meet me at the tree line in 30 min."-Locke

(30 min later) Kate,Micheal,Locke and Rob were going hunting.They traveled for an hr an nothing.

(Woosh) "Hello are you mr.Anderson"-women "Yes"-rob "im so sorry. Your sister died last night."-Women. "WHAT HOW."-Rob "A mister Wade Barrett and Joey Brown killed her"-women


(This takes place when smokey chaces Lock)

"What was that"-Rob "Its whatever killed th pilot"-Locke "The pilot is dead!"-Rob "Yep. I guess Jack didnt tell you"--Locke. The two men rab as fast as they could. Rob tripped. LOcke turned around and rob was flung past him. Locke turned. and what he saw was beuatiful.


knock knock knock. "what do ya want"-man. "Its me wade open up" "alright cant belevie you found my hide out"-Joey. 4 bullets hit joey in the chest. "THAT WAS FOR MY SISTER!"-Rob. he ran out of the wharehouse into the street and everthing wnet black


Locke carried Rob back to camp. "JACK!"-Locke. "what happened?"-jack. "the smoke monster got him"-Locke. "Did you say smoke monster?"-Jack


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