• Cjw39

    Just been re-watching episode 5x09 "Namaste" and I noticed something interesting. Just after the flash which caused Jack/Kate/Sayid/Hurley to warp off the plane, the co-pilot of the plane is on the radio hailing a may-day. When he stops we can clearly hear the numbers being transmitted over the radio in the same way Rousseau's message was picked up by the survivors of 815.

    We know that these numbers were being transmitted from the radio tower before Rousseau changed it in 1988.

    Beause of the actions in "Through The Looking Glass," That transmitter was no-longer transmitting anything in 2004 when the survivors were rescued but in 1977, when Jughead exploded, the transmitter would have still been transmitting the numbers.

    This would logically m…

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