Perhaps someone already thought of this:

I thought how the hell was Jacob's "mother" able to destroy the camp and kill the others? That looked like the work of the smoke monster...So maybe she was this smoke thing all the time...And MiB later on killed her with this dagger, that looked like the one, Dogen handed over to Sayid. And perhaps she thanked him, because...I don't really now :-) But perhaps at this point the smoke thing had lost it's human "body" and when Jacob forced his brother into the light, the smoke regained a body... Can this make sense? Perhaps the smoke thing was a (kind of neutral) security system...and only turned mad when Jacob's brother was forced to merge with it...

I'm kind of confused after this episode...but I liked it!

--Ciscoprowler 07:03, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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