Well, after WTDF - great episode by the way - I was wondering if history is going to repeat itself. MiB sends out Ben on a killing mission, again. But this time Ben knows exactly from who he is taking orders. Now that Jack became the new Jacob it seems obvious that Ben's main task will be to kill Jack. But I really doubt this is going to happen for some reasons: This kind of Déjà-vu does not fit to Lost, Ben might follow an agenda of his own and Jack does not seem to be a calm guy like Jacob in "The Incident"... Another thing I hope not to see again is the island being "destroyed" or like we saw in LA X being on the ground of the ocean. I think that would be a sad ending for this island and way to obvious for a show like Lost...But I might be wrong. What do you think? I can't wait for the finale...I am sooooo excited ;-)

--Ciscoprowler 16:38, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

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