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March 3, 2010
  • Ciscoprowler

    Well, after WTDF - great episode by the way - I was wondering if history is going to repeat itself. MiB sends out Ben on a killing mission, again. But this time Ben knows exactly from who he is taking orders. Now that Jack became the new Jacob it seems obvious that Ben's main task will be to kill Jack. But I really doubt this is going to happen for some reasons: This kind of Déjà-vu does not fit to Lost, Ben might follow an agenda of his own and Jack does not seem to be a calm guy like Jacob in "The Incident"... Another thing I hope not to see again is the island being "destroyed" or like we saw in LA X being on the ground of the ocean. I think that would be a sad ending for this island and way to obvious for a show like Lost...But I might…

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  • Ciscoprowler

    Perhaps someone already thought of this:

    I thought how the hell was Jacob's "mother" able to destroy the camp and kill the others? That looked like the work of the smoke monster...So maybe she was this smoke thing all the time...And MiB later on killed her with this dagger, that looked like the one, Dogen handed over to Sayid. And perhaps she thanked him, because...I don't really now :-) But perhaps at this point the smoke thing had lost it's human "body" and when Jacob forced his brother into the light, the smoke regained a body... Can this make sense? Perhaps the smoke thing was a (kind of neutral) security system...and only turned mad when Jacob's brother was forced to merge with it...

    I'm kind of confused after this episode...but I liked…

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  • Ciscoprowler

    If someone mentioned it before, I am sorry. But I had the idea that Ben might be a candidate, one who is not written down on any wall. Jacob touched Ben right before he died and perhaps that made Ben kind of "special" or a candidate... What do you think? All the years before, when Ben had cancer etc., he had not been touched by Jacob. Maybe now things have changed for him. But on the other hand: MIB was watching the whole scene when Jacob fell on Ben and he did not seem to be worried at all...

    --Ciscoprowler 16:38, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Ciscoprowler

    Perhaps you have thought of this one, too. It seems that Hurley is now the new Richard. He is currently the only person on the island who is able to talk to Jacob. This "special relationship" gives him a unique position on the island. What might be the consequences? First of all Hurley will play an important role in season 6. Perhaps it will be his job to set up Jacob's team. Hurley as the new Richard would also rule out the possibility of Hurley being the new Jacob...

    What do you think?

    And, last thought for now: Hurley has been a nice guy since season 1, so I think that Jacob's side is actually the "good" side...

    Ciscoprowler 19:48, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Ciscoprowler

    "They are coming"

    March 3, 2010 by Ciscoprowler

    Just re-watched the end of "The Incident". With season 6 in mind I think "they" are the same people, Jacob refers to in season 6. But still I can't think of who "they" are and I don't think, that "they" will play a very important role. I think it is some kind of game, Jacob is playing or setting up, because in the end Jack will be Jacob's pick when it comes to the confrontation between good and evil...I think the most important persons are already on the island. Just some weird thoughts I wanted to share ;-)

    Ciscoprowler 13:47, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

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