• Cifaretto

    Sorry, it wouldn't let me reply to the original message for some reason, so here goes :

    1 Live Together, Die Alone 2 Across the Sea 3 The Shape of Things to Come 4 White Rabbit 5 The End 6 The Incident 7 The Man Behind the Curtain 8 The Constant 9 Deus Ex Machina 10 Ab Aeterno

    A few words on my top two : The big unanswered mystery about Lost for me is how anybody DIDN'T like Across the Sea! There were genuinely no unanswered questions left for me after this episode, it covered it all, and it covered it brilliantly. Anything left supposedly unexplained was rendered obsolete by the grander knowledge that we gained here.

    To roughly quote Mother about the source 'It's life, death, rebirth.....there's a part of this inside every man....and if it g…

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