The war which is gonna take place is between two sides: Jacob’s side and the Otherman’s (the nemesis, Jacob’s enemy…). Jacob is intending to fix everything so the main characters of the show end up in the Island (that’s way he watches all of them while they grow up, as it is revealed in the finale), because this is what must happen. Eloise helps him, as she met some of these characters in the past, and knows they must travel back in time so that she meets them (I suppose terrible things will occur if the past is changed, if not, she would not send her own son to his certain death). On the other side, the Nemesis is seeking for a loophole which allows him to return to the land of the living as a human being (aka Locke), under certain conditions (one of them is that the human being must be a corpse). Before this, he is a sort of “entity” which can assume various appearances: Christian, the monster, Yemi, Alex… I think this nemesis becomes Christian to tell John to move the Island himself, because he knows that he will return in a coffin, and then this will be his chance to take John’s appearance (and some of his memories, as we see in 5x07, he remembers dying and who strangled him). What's more, I strongly believe he is related to the monster, because in 5x12, the monster/Alex told Ben to obey the false Locke. As John was in the Temple as well, but not next to Ben, or the monster did not turn up earlier in Dharmaville when Ben summoned it and John was by his side, maybe Jacob's enemy is the monster itself. Or at least, during the time John was away (and later on he came back to Dharmaville) in 5x12, he went to tell the Monster what to do. Anyway, it seems to me that Jacob's enemy/Christian wanted John to move the Island in order to get him out of that place, so when he came back, the nemesis could take his appearance. Then, the question is, why the enemy used the monster/Alex to convince Ben to obey John, so he was the one who eventually killed Jacob? Why didn't "John" stab Jacob himself? Well, it may have something to do with the Rules... Besides, Widmore supports the Otherman because he hates Jacob for exiling him off the Island. So he is waiting for John’s arrival in Tunisia and helps him to deal with his mission to return the Oceanic-6 (5 of them actually) (the Otherman doesn´t want to change the past, either), but then he is not able to fulfill his second task, which is killing Locke and sending the corpse to the Island, because Ben shoots Abbadon before. However, Ben, unconscious of the Otherman’s plan, eventually murders John, just because he is jealous and won’t allow him to become the new leader. What do you think? It took me some time to build this theory, but after watching the finale, I need answers and I need them now!!! (or at least, possible endings lol)

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