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Chronsky March 12, 2010 User blog:Chronsky

I first started reading lostpedia after the season 5 finale. I noticed that the lost recap was starting and that lostpedia along with other blogs would be watching and analyzing the episodes from start to finish. At first i loved reading the episode summaries to help point out obscure connections r something i had missed, but then posts started coming less frequently. I dont even think the rewatch blog made it to the end of season 2. With the start of season 6 I checked back and sure enough there was an LA X episode review. We are now 7 episodes in and the most recent post is "the substitute" review on february 16. Now i can understand not writing writing a review for every episode of the rewatch, but this is the final season. I dunno if anyone else cares, but Im disappointed and kinda pissed off that no one takes the time to update the blog

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