so i have been coming up with some theories as to what may or may not happen. check out my shoe theory here:!!_WILL_BLOW_YOUR_MIND#

so this one is about the identity or Mr. Friendly

we know a few things about Tom Friendly, he has lived on the island for quite a while, he is a homosexual, and that he doesnt think too fondly of jack. but where did he come from?

the answer lies in sawyer

sawyer is living in 1977 at the age of 30, when he ages possibly he grows up to be Tom friendly

and i know what youre saying "sawyer isnt gay" but think about it, after the death of juliette, sawyer may be so traumatised by the loss that he swears off women all together. also sawyer isnt that fond of jack either, which is why he could have created the "invisible line" in the middle of the island just to piss off jack.

and now youre saying why did he change his name?

think about it. Sawyer is based on Tom Sawyer.... Tom! and we all know that sawyer is not even remotely friendly, so hence the last name being ironic

it makes just a bit too much sense to me

But to all of you who take this a bit to seriously, this was a joke. lol (but it could happen, dont be surprised)

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