did anyone notice this. in episode 508 in the year 1974 miles, juliet, jin and faraday are sitting around a table outside at the barracks when daniel see's a young red haired girl and believes it to be charlotte. this is strongly hinted at and it most likely is her. BUT in episode 402 when widmores team came to the island ben stated that charlotte was born in 1979 in Essex, england. So either the writers have made a big writing bluff or the small girl isnt charlotte and daniel was just confused.

it is most likely they made an error in the script because charlotte remembers daniel telling her not to come to the island as a small girl. so it is her because daniel has dissappeared by 1977, 2 years before she was even meant to be born. daniel would not have had a chance to tell her not to come to the island otherwise since he most likely went and lived in the hydra station because in e 507 u see most of his work in the office there.

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