So you may have possibly read my other super theories:!!_WILL_BLOW_YOUR_MIND# about the shoes, and about tom friendly/sawyer

(which by the way are not serious, just for a bit of fun)

so heres my new theory

people may think that it was in fact desmonds negligence that brought down oceanic 815 by not pushing the button. but heres the real reason

right before the plane crashed, juliet was listening to her "down town" record, until all of a sudden.... SHE BURNS HER MUFFINS!

this is the true reason why the plane crashed, possibly because the muffins were made of some of that electromagnetic energy that is under the island? who knows, but this seems to be the true reason why it happened. if the magnet was strong enough to bring down the plane, it would have turned the sky white or discharge itself in a way that it was obvious. so theres the true reason

hope you all like my theories. i will continue to write new ones as they come to me

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