Ok heres my theory. it gets a little confusing. but think about this. (keep in mind whatever happened happened)

We all know that the island was flashing through time and in corresponded with some events eg. yemis plane crashing. so heres what i think

what if the island flashing through time caused every vehicle or aircraft to crash there.

heres a list of all the things we know have landed on the island.

Rousseaus ship, black rock, yemis plane, 815, 316, henry gales balloon, desmonds boat.

now lets say that they were all travelling along just fine but then all of a sudden a giant landmass appeared in front of them and they crashed.

was it actually because of the time flashes that all those things crashed. (in exception to maybe 815 coz of the button.)

in the time flashes we have seen rousseaus ship come in and also yemis plane, so it provides pretty strong evidence. also 316 crashed right after a time flash too.

think about that. they all didnt crash there accidentally. it was because ben linus turned the wheel in early 2005 that triggered all the events in the past to occur

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