so i have been rewatching season 5 and it dawned on me where lost is heading. people seem to think it will resolve in some sort of fight between jacob and MIB but not me. the answer is beyong them

in season 5 christian has appeared alot, in jacobs cabin, near the donkey wheel. and he has bbeen instructing john on what to do. i believe the answer lies in christians shoes.

Christian must be some sort of superhuman being that has created peril in the world. and he gains power from his black formal shoes. thats why when we saw him in his casket he was wearing sneakers. someone (possibly jacob) overthrew christian because he knew what he was going to do, and removed his shoes, rendering him powerless, and then killed him. this is why christian needed anna lucia as a body guard in sydney, not because he was afraid of death, but to protect his shoes.

now that christian came to the island, he was charged back to life by the electromagnetic energy underneath the island, but he still had no powers. in order to regain his powers, he had to create an elaborate plot, using everyone on the island as pawns, in order to regain his shoes which his father had. (his father possibly knew of christians evil powers and was the protector of the shoes)

so when christian told john that he had to leave the island and die in order to bring the others back, he knew that jack would put the shoes on locke. that is why when Fake locke was on the dock with ben, he took the shoes off and put them in his bag. so he could bring them to christian. also fake locke had to kill jacob in order to protect christian because jacob knows all about the secret of the shoes. so before christian was reunited with his shoes, jacob had to die.

now this is just a side theory, but i also believe christian has four toes and the shoes protect them. the statue was most likely modelled after him, and he was some sort of ancient egyptian god, hence his evil powers.

you all know that this theory makes complete sense.

lol and if any of you get angry at me for writing this just know it is a joke and i laughed very hard when i thought of it. thankyou for reading.

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