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if u missed my previous theories, catch up here:!!_WILL_BLOW_YOUR_MIND

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So vincent. the pestilent/lovable creature running around the island, bringing doom and misfortune to everyone he encounters. but really who is he. we knew he was the former pet of one Brian Porter... and thats about all we know of vincents mysterious past

So who is he you ask... my answer JACOB!

people have always wondered the identity of jacob, and it is now clear, he is vincent.

now youre probably saying thats rediculous, but look at the facts, jacobs hair... golden, vincent... golden retriever. just makes too much sense.

we know that MIB can most likely change form, so why cant jacob. it is just sill not to jump to the conclusion that jacob is definately vincent, and that brings us to the identity of MIB... who is he? Thats right, brian porter.

look pretty similar dont they. that is why nemesis wants to kill jacob/vincent so bad, because he betrayed him and left with walt (which is where walt obviouslty got his superpowers, from vincent/jacob)

you all know this makes to much sense.

so theres my rediculous theory which was a joke by the way (before you all eat me) if you like that one, read my others, (trust me theres some good ones)!!_WILL_BLOW_YOUR_MIND

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