Welcome back to my mini blog about my ridiculous super theories that will blow your mind. if you missed my prior ones here they are!!_WILL_BLOW_YOUR_MIND

NOTE: These are all made as a bit of fun, but we all know that they are definately going to happen lol.

Catch a falling star is a song that is either played or sung a number of times in the show.

Now why is this sung. (If you have read my first super theory in the list above, this will make more sense.)

The song is always sung to aaron. But why? it is said in the show that claires father sung it to her, and that is why she sings it to aaron. Now my theory is that aaron is a superhuman being that inherited his powers from christian (who is the shoe master). Now christian is scared that aaron will become too powerful and overthrow him, but the song "catch a falling star" is some sort of magical chant that subdues aaron's powers and renders him powerless. This is why christian implanted the thought into claires head in order for her to sing it to aaron when he was born.

The others also knew of this magical chant that is why they created the mobile with the song in it so that aaron would not grow too powerful and kill them all.

this also ties into why richard malkin sent claire to the island, as he foresaw that aaron would grow too powerful. This way claire would keep constant watch over him and keep singing him the song.

to some extent claire knew that aaron was extremely powerful and thats why she told the adopting family to sing the song to aaron.

Thanks for reading

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