here is a list of my top 10 Fav Characters

p.s this is out of the main cast

10. Ana Lucia 9. Miles 8. Jack 7. Juilet 6. Sawyer 5. Eko 4. Ben 3. Desmond 2. Locke 1. Daniel Faraday

I also found Keamy to be a pretty cool bad ass but a lil over the top for lost.

my top 10 is made up of Characters that had me waiting week after week to see there back storys or just how there story unfolds. if it wasn't for season 3 i dont think Jack would had made it in to my top 10.

top 5 Fav Eps so far

1. Lockdown 2. Cabin Fever 3. "?" 4. LaFleur 5. The Hunting Party

top 5 lest Fav Characters

Kate Sun Charlotte Shannon Post-island Michael

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