• Chrishay1

    This is a list of lost twisted that i loved or was shocked by. So plz let me know what you think and some of your own.

    1.Lets get this out of the way 1st of, The fact that the sideways was really the after life, Did not see that coming.

    2.Alex's death was a shock i wanted her and Karl to leave the island and have kids.

    3.Charlie dying not so much a shock by still sucked.

    4.Smokey showing up for the 1st time. WTF???

    5.Locke's dad being on the island.

    6.Nikki and Paulo still alive while being buried.

    7.Walt being taken by the others from the raft.

    8.The Others, need i say more?

    9.What's in the hatch??? and WHO was in the hatch.

    10.Miles,Charlotte and Daniel all belonged to the island since they was born, not much of a shock or anything but it was coo…

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  • Chrishay1

    I loved the ending of lost and the stuff we didnt find out doesnt worry me all that much part from one thing i've wanted to know. since mid season 5 is who got shot on the raft that was shooting at the lostie's in the time shifts it was just after they found the camp post-return. who got shoot on the raft.

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  • Chrishay1

    Jacob's Son

    April 25, 2010 by Chrishay1

    I think that maybe Des is the son of jacob. we dont know anything about Des apart from he's older life, we havent seen he's mother or father and he can stand a cosmic blast. so it's more then possable that he is the son of jacob and maybe thats why locke donest like him.

    Also he seem's to be on he's own track unlike the rest of lostie's

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  • Chrishay1

    my top 10

    February 26, 2010 by Chrishay1

    here is a list of my top 10 Fav Characters

    p.s this is out of the main cast

    10. Ana Lucia 9. Miles 8. Jack 7. Juilet 6. Sawyer 5. Eko 4. Ben 3. Desmond 2. Locke 1. Daniel Faraday

    I also found Keamy to be a pretty cool bad ass but a lil over the top for lost.

    my top 10 is made up of Characters that had me waiting week after week to see there back storys or just how there story unfolds. if it wasn't for season 3 i dont think Jack would had made it in to my top 10.

    top 5 Fav Eps so far

    1. Lockdown 2. Cabin Fever 3. "?" 4. LaFleur 5. The Hunting Party

    top 5 lest Fav Characters

    Kate Sun Charlotte Shannon Post-island Michael

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  • Chrishay1

    the numbers

    February 19, 2010 by Chrishay1

    the numbers is the reason that the plane went to island. but what i dont get is how come the numbers are also the code to the computer???

    also just a lil thing. back last year when the how thing bout frank maybe being a candidate for something was going on. i said in a blog someone had up that they was probley the next to take over for jacob and every one went off and said that it wouldnt be that but looki here it was for that sure frank might not be one but that what they was talking about.

    oh and i also said that we would have sideways flashes

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