We all remember the scene, currently being used as a trailer for Season 6, when Locke is with his Backgammon and gives the "Two sides, one is light, one is dark" speech to Walt, don't we? All throught the whole of Lost, in every season there is at least one "game" being played. In season 1, backgammon with Locke. In season 2, the very last scene in Live Together, Die Alone is Penny's research team playin chess. In season 3, Mikhail & Richard playing chess in Through the Looking Glass In season 4, Hugo playing chess with an invisible Mr.Eko in There's No Place Like Home. Yet, in season 5, there is are no games. Could it mean since Flocke is in the picture, Jacob now dead as we know of, the real game has actually started? We have arrived at the much awaited war?

--Chriscantero 14:41, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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