I'm not a believer in that the bomb going off in "The Incident" changes the course of time, for a couple of reasons. The biggest of them all is the fact that if Faraday's theory of the bomb going off to prevent the Incident was true, why did he still have to tell Charlotte to leave? I know he says that he might be able to change things, but could him crying be the impotence he's feeling from knowing that what he's saying is a lie? The fact that he has to say it because Charlotte told him that he said it? Also, I'm a believer in the "whatever happend, happpend aswell. Anyway, all this aside, wouldn't it be great if Season 6 started with everyone getting on the plane from Australia in 2004? People starting to think "OH MY GOD, the bomb actually worked" and then, all of a sudden, it crashes just like it already did leaving everyone confused. I like this idea because, apart from the fact that Lost always leaves us confused, it fits in with the characteristics of all season openers (start with something that already happend before, but has nothing to do with the last scene in the last episode).

--Chriscantero 18:01, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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