For some reason, I just cant give in to the idea that the bomb going off actually changed everything to the point that everything is "reset" and Oceanic 815 actually lands at LAX. I think the title LAX will obviously have something to do with the storyline, but just not the reset theory. For example, me might actually find out why Hurley chose to get on the Ajira flight which left from LAX. "L.A.X" might stand for something, whether an actual word begins with the letter X or the X might be like in a mathematical problem where its an unknown value. If so, LAX might stand for "Learning about X", X being the mystery that is Jacob's Nemesis. I'm not saying that "LAX" has to be exactly what I've said, I'm just asking for a little bit of imagination here from everyone. Just think, at what point in the series have the writers of Lost chosen simplicity? Comments please

--Chriscantero 22:29, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

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