Who else believes that John Locke will somehow return to the show? I mean, it's all great blurting out things like that, but I base my theories on facts, so the following is why I believe he will come back.

We now know that Jacob's touch is a gift. It doesn't necessarily need to be the same gift for everybody, but I believe that it's some sort of immortality or extended period of life until Jacob's feud with Flocke is over, seeing as we know that Richard's "gift" is immortality. This would explain how Locke came back to life after being pushed out of a building by his father, since Jacob touched him, meaning he cannot die until the "war" is over. It also explains how Sahid miraculously rose from the deadsince he too was touched by Jacob & we know that whatever Togan in the temple wanted to do to save Sahid's life didn't actually work, thus leaving the only possible explination being Jacob's touch. Already someone has been thinking all this time "Why is locke dead then?". I'm getting there.... That scene, when Sahid comes back alive is probably an extremely important scene in a way that it gives us something which we don't truly understand but know that is possible (The same thing happened in season 5 when the smoke monster turned into Alex. We didn't understand it at the time, but it made us know the possibility of the smoke monster later on being able to turn into people). With that being put into context, Sahid coming back alive would be the smoke monster turning into Alex, and Locke coming back alive would be when we find out that the smoke monster was Flocke.

Other information backing up my theory of Locke not being dead are:

-Ilana explains to Sun in Dr.Linus that she may be a candidate and of what it consists. When Sun asks Ilana how many there are, eventhough Ilana knows that Locke is now Flocke, she still tells Sun that there are 6 left.

-When Flocke takes Sawyer to the cave, the six candidates names in the cave are the only ones not scored-out, this includes Locke's until Flocke decides to score it out.

-In the Lighthouse, the wheel of 360º which has a name at each degree, we see what seems to be the same as in the cave , all the candidate's names scored out except for Jack's and some others, but the camera doesn't zoom into Locke's name. Even so, at one point we see from above the wheel and I calculated where in the wheel Locke's name would be, according to his number, and it seems as if his name isn't scored out in the wheel either.

-In the cave episode, there is a boy running through the island which only Sawyer & Flocke see, but not Richard. So one has to ask themself what do Flocke & Sawyer have in common with eachother that Richard doesnt have, and at first nothing comes to mind. But Sawyer & Locke do have something in common with eachother & not with Richard & that is their candidacy (This would also explain how Flocke knows exactly every moment in Locke's life & what he was thinking & feeling at the time).

- The same boy says to Flocke that he knows that he can't kill him which is a trick played by the writers making us believe that the boy is talking about Jacob, when in fact he's talking about Locke.

Thank you for your time, please comment.

--Chriscantero 23:51, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

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