Since the start of the new season I haven't blogged any theories because I didn't want to get ahead of myself, I wanted to see how things worked out, but after watching the lighthouse, I came across a tiny piece of quite important information. Taking back an episode, the substitute, we see all the candidate's names in the cave with the numbers written next to them. When John says each name to Sawyer, we see the flashback of everytime Jacob touched on of them. (Kate was also touched but isn't mentioned as a candidate, which we take for granted because the candidates shown match with "the numbers"). Now lets return to the lighthouse. They're asked to turn it to 108º (4+8+15+16+23+42=108), and we see that just like in the cave the candidate's names aren't scored out. But we also find that Austen (number 51) isn't scored out either! Why? She isn't a candidate, so that's where I think that Jacob's thouch is of immortality, or of some special sort of extended life until the end of the war at the island. Now I know that you're automatically thinking of Locke's death. We already see that when Locke's father throws him out of the building and dies, Jacob brings him back to life. But then he dies again when Ben kills him. What if in some way he was still alive in the body that is know "Flocke"? I have two reasons for believing this: the first being that, although unclear, it seems as if Locke's name in the lighthouse isn't scored out, and the second reason is what the boy in "the substitute" says to Flocke, that he can't kill him. Automatically a lot of people, of not everyone, would think that it's talking about tha almighty Jacob, but seeing as that episode concentrates on candidates, that's wht I think it means Locke. This is just one of my theories. Please comment. Thank you.

P.S. How frustrating but exciting at the same time was it when Claire said this is my friend and yet again we still don't know the true name of Jacob's nemesis?

--Chriscantero 23:30, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

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