Earlier I posted a theory about Christian Shephard being a "leader" sometime before, due to him telling Locke that he could speak on Jacob's behalf and only leaders can "request an audience with Jacob". But this post is not about that, though it helps. Lots of people are saying that Christian may have been Jacob's nemesis before Locke because of him telling Locke to move the island so that Jacob's nemesis could take Locke's form, or "Flocke". Someone even stated that Christian knew that Ben had to leave before Locke so that Locke could learn that he would have to die, ergo Jacob's nemesis being able to take Locke's form. But supposing that Christian is good, and this is my theory, what if he sent Locke to move the island and die already knowing the consequence of Jacob's nemesis taking Locke's form, as a sacrifice(word which he emphasised on) so that Jack & Co. would come back. Wouldn't that explain Jacob's calmness when Flocke and Ben came to kill him because he knew that "they were coming"? What if everything was planed by Jacob from the very beginning to prove to his nemesis that it does only ever finish once and everything else is progress? What if Jacob created the loophole purposefully, sacrificing his life, so that Jack & Co. could come back, just to prove to his nemesis that it does eventually end? Comments please

--Chriscantero 14:16, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

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