I'm going to concentrate on the outrigger chase between John, Juliet, Sawyer & Others during the timeflashes in season 5, & if you want to see my theory for yourself, the only episodes you need are 5x04 and 5x16/17. Well, after studying season 5 a bit more, I have 2 say that the outrigger chase is post-2007.... When the Ajira flight lands, there are 3 outriggers on Hydra Island; 2 of them have 1 ama where as only 1 has 2 amas (for those who don't know, the ama is the side part that balances out the outrigger). The first outrigger is taken by Sun & Frank (it has 1 outrigger), the second is taken by Ben & Locke (also only having 1 ama), then Frank returns to Hydra Island with one of the outriggers which is when he is knocked out and taken by Alana & rest. Alana & the rest take the outrigger with 2 amas which makes sense because they have Locke in the big box balancing between the ama & the outrigger (the box which is not seen during the chase between Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, etc and the mystery outrigger. Bare with me now because this part is tricky.... Since they're going round the island, & Hydra Island is no where near them, it means that they must have started from the island shore (which makes sense because the outrigger with 2 amas was left on the island shore by Alana & the rest when taking Frank & Locke. This leaves only one other possibility, that the outrigger that John, Sawyer, Juliet, etc are on is the one Frank took back, meaning that someone else left Hydra Island to come back to the island after Alana left (has to be because it had an Ajira bottle of water in it). So what began as a question really becomes 2 questions: Who are the people (who left from the island) that are going after the Sawyer, Juliet, etc in the outrigger? And what important person to the series was either on the Ajira flight & we didn't know or has been in Hydra Island until now and came back on the outrigger Frank left? Comments please

--Chriscantero 10:17, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

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