I was just looking back at the season finale of Lost when Fake Locke and Ben were on their way to see Jacob. The Fake Locke influences Ben that he must kill Jacob. And when they finally meet Jacob, Ben does kill him, at least as far as we could see. This kind of reminded me of Star Wars. Fake Locke is kind of like an evil Sith Lord, and Ben is like a good guy but a little corrupted (remember he was a sweet little boy once until Sayid was stupid enough to shoot him), kind of like Anakin Skywalker. So the evil "Sith Lord" turned Ben to the "dark side" by making him commit an evil deed. So I'm thinking in Season Six the Fake Locke is going to use Ben like a tool like Darth Sideous (more like Darth Hideous, haha) did with Darth Vader, but Ben, like Darth Vader, redeemed himself by stopping the bad dude. Now, I'm not saying that's whats gonna happen in Season Six, I'm just saying maybe something like that MIGHT happen. And you know how some parts of Lost are influenced by other things? Like with the Looking Glass Station and Alice and Wonderland? Well, maybe this part might be based off Star Wars.

I'm just sayin' what i think, so please don't critisize me.

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