I just logged into Lostpedia a little while ago and saw that Libby was article of the week. When i saw the picture of her, it just hit me like BAM!!!! Maybe through either time travel or other unnatural force (or her mind was displaced in time like desmond), she got blown back to the mental hospital with hurley and she's thinking: "Whoa! there's hurley!" Or something like that. That was my initial thought, but it lead to me to thinking that when Libby died, her ghost or spirit or whatever got like misplaced in time, and she was one of those ghosts that hurley keeps seeing. Maybe she didnt move on to "the great beyond" because she felt she didnt have enough.... "closure" with hurley. Idk. Just my thoughts. not that they're ever gonna show whats behind all that, but a guy can dream, right?

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