Hello, people who are still here! I know it’s been a long time, and you all probably thought I’d been affected by time-flashes and got a nosebleed and died by now. Or, more likely, you totally forgot about me.
Well, our rewatch has been continuing... slowly! Since my last entry I graduated uni and got a full time job, which is good but it means less time watching LOST.

So... season 5! I’ve been looking forward to this because I love the crap out of this season. Also, my rewatch-partner watches a lot of sci-fi so all I always expected the time-travel shenanigans to be right up his alley. Also, the Dharma Initiative seems to be his favourite aspect of the show, and this is the Dharma season. So... onwards! (Or should I say backwards?)

When we see the mysterious character in the opening scene put a record on, he mentioned the “old music fetish” that the show has. Very true. Now that he’s pointed it out I think it’s another reason LOST has a different feel to any other show. Shows that use current chart music become dated very fast. When future generations watch LOST (they will), it won’t have unfashionable 2004-2010 music in it, but music that is actually meant to be old, if that makes sense. And I believe background music should always be scored, never using pre-existing songs. In season 1, the show was still figuring out its style, and they did a bit of this. That’s why I was relieved when Hurley’s CD player broke. If you’ve Michael Giachinno on the team, why waste him?!

"So... the monster wasn’t made by the Dharma Initiative then?"
No. *politely excuses self from room, closes door, bursts out laughing*
This scene doesn’t even prove that – because this is after Dharma colonised. It's still good to get that idea out of his head.

He’s made some general comments about his opinion of the show. He says it has a very unique style. Sometimes predictable dialogue. Maybe that’s true - I was sometimes able to say a character’s next line along with them – but it would only make me think, “Oh yeah, me and this show are totally on the same wavelength right now.”

“Ha! Ben didn’t turn it properly! Incompetent fool!”

He thought it was awesome that the left-behinders permanently landed in Dharma times. He cracked up laughing at the scene where they introduce LaFleur: Head of Security as Sawyer.
Was he pleased to see Sawyer and Juliet form a partnership? Yes, but he was mainly pleased by the implication for Sawyer - “Yay, no more Kate!” And while the phrase ‘no more Kate’ resonates with me on a euphoric level, I’d like Juliet to be viewed as more than a mere Kate alternative for once. But whatevs.

Like my mission in season 2 was to not accidentally call Henry the Other “Ben”, my mission this season was to not accidentally imply that Locke wasn’t Locke. It was seriously hard. With season 6 still fresh in my memory, new Locke is soooo ‘man in black’ that I even forgot we weren’t meant to know.
I’m not exaggerating here- the very second we saw Locke’s body lying in the sand, the implication being that some kind of imposter had taken his appearance, he said, “it’s the smoke monster!”

That’s it. New theory. This guy has watched the show three times over. Pretending not to know it is some kind of long con. By the time we finish he will have somehow swindled away my life savings. Either that or I’ll be dead.

I remember during the break between season 5 and season 6, here at Lostpedia there were never-ending debates about whether or not the “man in black” was the smoke monster. I thought that it was fairly obvious at first, as there were a great number of clues to the affirmative. But reading counter arguments pushed me towards the fence. When it was finally revealed, I did have that satisfied feeling of having a theory proved right, but I wished I hadn’t doubted.

I mentioned in my season 2 entry that he complained about the CGI. Unfortunately, he doesn’t anymore. I was waiting for a classic reaction to that horrid submarine in Follow The Leader. I was disappointed. No response whatsoever! But it’s still necessary that I post it again:
Normal leader-616

He really enjoyed the episode Whatever Happened Happened. He finds it interesting that the castaway characters are pretty much responsible for the direction of Ben’s life. And he liked the way Miles explains the show’s approach to time travel.
“Makes sense.”

“Do they ever explain all the tunnels and hieroglyphics and stuff?”
Uhhhhhhhh...... *whistles*
I just said the implication is that the island’s history goes back a long way. (I for one am kind of disappointed we never saw Egyptians.)

And what about the whole setting-off-Jughead storyline? Totally on team Jack. He thought nuking the island was the best idea ever. He was even asking why the heck Kate and co. weren’t on side. Because it is a slightly reckless plan, don’t you think?

He hopes that they can change the future, but he thinks it’s very likely that they just caused the Incident. He explained this to me after watching The Variable and hearing Daniel’s theory. He claimed they were probably just going to fulfill what always happened anyway.
I wish he'd stop being right all the time.

So Jughead went off. He doesn’t want Juliet to be dead, but that’s about it. I expected him to be full to the brim with theories about what would happen next, but he wasn't!
He has no idea what’s in store for season six. And in some ways, neither do I. What will he think of The ever-controversial End?

All will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for our final recap.

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