As you may have guessed, I'm rewatching LOST with a new viewer. And now we're done with season 4.

Well he called the first episode 'dull', but things picked up after that. He was spooked by the staged wreckage in Confirmed Dead. "I take it there’s some kind of massive scale conspiracy going on here."
Yes there is, but it isn't the actual endgame of the show, though at this stage it feels like it should be.

I've noticed that the freighter storyline presents a satisfying stream of questions and answers. This was his journey, obviously paraphrased:

(Ohhhh, they want Ben!)
(Ohhhh, it’s Charles Widmore’s!)

Tsottc widmore
"Everything you have you TOOK from ME!"

(Ohhhh... no wait I still don’t get it.)

I said in my previous post that he has a fairly chilled attitude to all the twists and turns. Not so at the end of The Economist, where Sayid is shown to be under the employ of none other than Benjamin Linus. He raised his hands in the air and bellowed, "What is GOING ON???"
Now THAT'S what I like to hear.

I was looking forward to The Constant, as it's one of my favourites (like everyone else, derr). He liked Desmond's phone call to Penny, but I think he got distracted by my crying. This also happened in the finale when the freighter blew up. Even though I know Jin doesn't die in that scene, it's so emotional. I blame Sun's harrowing scream.

Some time about halfway through the season, he said,
"I love how all the Others have just packed up and gone... never to be seen again!"
So cynical. I promised him that they WILL be seen again, but this season doesn't focus on them so much. Sometimes it is frustrating when characters, or - yes- entire communities, go missing for episodes at a time. You start to wonder what on earth they're doing.

He keeps forgetting Daniel Faraday’s name, which is fitting since that guy can’t remember his own name either. Also I'm pretty sure he says "Whitmore" instead of Widmore.

He is beginning to identify more with Ben, saying he doesn't think he's the bad guy after all. I think his attitude toward him changed when Alex got shot. That scene really brought out the human side of Ben. It truly is one of the most affecting death scenes, because of the way she is so coldly executed. Especially since she is a young character.
"This show is too sad."
Trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Plenty of depressing scenes yet to come.

He was also upset at the death of Danielle. At first he refused to believe that she was 'really' dead.
Unfortunately, we don't all get to be like Mikhail.
...Except for Keamy.

"Tis but a scratch!"

...He hates Keamy.

The scene in Cabin Fever where Alpert sees baby-Locke in the hospital was fun.
"Who the hell -- do I recognise that guy?"
Me: Yeah, he's one of the Others. Richard.
"He doesn't age does he!?"
Spot on. I was sure that he was a time-traveller back in the day.

Oh and he’s still a full-time Jater.
"Yay, happiness! They could finish the show right there."
Pretty sure he didn’t mean that, because he ought to know it won’t end well. Jack will soon be single, addicted to Oxycodone, and will have a beard. As far as we can tell, Kate left because she didn't like the beard – this is strongly hinted in this scene, when Kate tells Jack that she bought him a RAZOR.
Seriously though, I’m glad he’s invested in the Jack/Kate thing, because I sure wasn’t by that stage. It will pay off in the series finale.

During the scene where Sawyer emerges from the water in front of Juliet who is sitting on the beach drinking rum, he jokingly named Juliet as the next target for James "I sleep with everyone" Ford.
UUUUUUMMMM... *cough*.

He had fun trying to count the members of the Oceanic Six during the flashfowards. Also, before Jack revealed in Something Nice Back Home that Sawyer "chose to stay", he’d gone ahead and assumed it was Sawyer in the coffin for some reason.
Not quite.

Then during the finale I asked him who he thinks Jeremy Bentham is.
"John Locke."


Overall, he's loving it. To think a couple of months ago he was one of the naysayers who dismissed the show because he couldn't get over the silliness of a polar bear in a tropical environment! Looking forward to season 5.

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