A little while ago I wrote a blog documenting my rewatch of season 1 with a first timer. Well we've finished season 2 now, and once again I'm documenting the journey.

He's enjoyed this season more than the first. He says it had more revelations/answers, and he seems to adore the Dharma Initiative stuff.

He thought the button was a hoax until the finale. Man of science? Then again, he's thoroughly enjoyed Locke and Eko, the men of faith. In fact he's totally mancrushing on Eko. He thinks he's brilliant. I've never heard him call another man "sexy" before. It's bringing out a whole new side of him LOL. He's gonna be pissed when he dies soon.

He said he really likes Jack because he doesn't judge others or hold things against them; he's gracious while most of the other characters are very judgmental. I didn't properly appreciate Jack until season 6, so I'm glad that he's noticing these traits in him early on. They were always there.

The Smoke Monster is revealed! In his words: "what the hell, man." He thought it would be some kind of robot/machine because of its mechanical sounds. In fact he still believes it to be a machine. He believed Rousseau's explanation from season 1 that it's a security system.

Some total douche at his work told him Charlie dies! Interestingly, he imparted this information onto me right before we started Fire + Water, which I think gave him a different perspective on the episode. He doesn’t know how or when he dies, so it's not that bad. Also, it's not like his death is a surprise. Even Desmond was spoiled for it!

But this is worse: during one of the Orientation films, he says, "do we ever meet that guy?" (Chang). I play dumb. "Why would we meet THAT guy?"
"Doesn't the island GO BACK IN TIME at some point?????!!??!!"
NOW WHERE WOULD HE GET AN IDEA LIKE THAT. Turns out some 'friend' of his told him stuff. And this was over a year ago, when he had no interest. Yet he remembered everything he said? NOT FAIR. Oh well. His knowledge seems both limited and abstract. And on the bright side, at least I know he won't respond negatively to the introduction of time travel.

My mission: don't accidently call Henry Gale "Ben". Mission accomplished. Ohhhh yeah.

During Collision he said "I think I want Ana Lucia dead". So I explained that she was one of the most hated characters in the whole show among fans. After she died he said mournfully, "I don't know why she was hated". Must have grown on him. I personally feel her getting more and more likeable throughout her short stint on the show.

Sometimes he seems REALLY on the ball, like he predicted early on in the premiere that Desmond's morning ritual was taking place in the hatch. And he figured out in Lockdown that Anthony Cooper is the real Sawyer. But every time he makes a prediction, wrong or right, I just smile and say "that's an interesting theory".

He has some false interpretations, e.g. he thinks that Dharma were still fully operational 3 years ago (when Desmond crashed). I've decided not to correct mistakes like this because I don't think they were fully understandable to the audience at the time. Besides, season 3 will correct it for him.

And he thinks The Others are Dharma remnants, of course. Same theory as Jack.

Normal oneofthem-cap017 Ltda crap
"Crap graphics!"
"Everything else is good; the graphics are CRAP!"
Haha. I can’t wait until he sees this:
Normal leader-616
I've never been particularly bothered by the imperfect CGI, but I remember howling in pain at the sight of that submarine. Anyway, that's still a long way off.

There's something addictive about the end of a LOST episode that makes you want to start the next one straight away. Even if it's not a cliffhanger. One night he asked to start the next episode, even though he needed to leave in 25 minutes. "Just some of it." No!
He's showing signs of addiction. In additon to never wanting to stop watching, he is laughing every time someone uses the word 'lost' in an ordinary sentence, and generally comparing everything to LOST.

I've put in a rule: no finales and following premieres on the same day. I need to enforce some kind of cliffhanger feeling, although it's nowhere near as long as the ones we needed to endure! So he is currently freaking out about the three that got captured. I chose not to mention that the writers view the early part of season 3 as the show's lowest moment. Who knows, he might love it. But I'm hoping to power through the season to get to the highlights towards the end. So... onwards, I say!

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