Rewatching is always worthwhile when it comes to Lost. You pick up on things you didn't notice before, notice themes reoccur in later episodes, etc. But a lot can be said for re-experiencing the show with someone who hasn't seen it before. You regain the sense of mystery that disappears after you know 'the answers', and the anticipation of "what’s going to happen next?" is revived. And all the surprising moments feel surprising again. It's fun. If you've got friends or family that haven’t seen Lost, I highly recommend it.

Recently, my boyfriend FINALLY asked me to show him Lost. He saw a couple of episodes back when season 1 was airing but it didn't strike his interest. He didn't remember anything about it except for these details: plane crash, island, polar bear, hatch, "the others". Though I suspect that's from general pop culture knowledge rather than any memory of actually watching.

We have now finished season 1. He's been enjoying it with an unexpected enthusiasm, which is a nice surprise. We only watch at his request, so I'm not forcing him – it's his choice (a very Jacobian approach, I know).

Points of interest:

  • He is currently holding to the theory that the island is a staged environment and the survivors are the subjects of a sociological experiment. I'd tell him he’s not the first to think that, but my 'no spoiler policy' states I should leave him in the dark about how accurate his theories are.
  • As an afterthought: while the 'science experiment' is a long debunked theory, it's actually kind of true. Although it's not scientists that are using the island to experiment with human nature, but a 2000 year old dude and his undead brother. Bet no-one thought of THAT.
  • After Pilot, Part 1, I asked him what the monster is and he said "T-rex". I swear everyone in the world thinks exactly the same way.
  • When it was revealed that Locke was healed of his paralysis in Walkabout he didn't think it was a miracle or any kind of supernatural event. He simply thought that the physical shock of the crash had "popped something back into place". I thought this too – in fact I still hold to it, even after all the healing hocus-pocus revealed in later seasons. But I would say the island helped.
  • Recently however, he said he thinks that if Locke left the island he wouldn't be able to walk anymore. This is true in a way. Its not like his paralysis comes back, but when Locke leaves the island in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham he is injured and needs to travel by wheelchair again.
  • There's one episode where after it finished, he pronounced, "well that was a crap episode!" It was Hearts and Minds. He felt cheated by the hallucination bit, feeling that no actual plot progression had taken place on the island. I daresay he'd better get used to that feeling.
  • He enjoyed the Ethan conflict in All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues and Homecoming. He predicts that there will be a "war with the Others" in the future. I'm betting he’ll be disappointed by the lack of follow-through on the "how long do you think it would take to train an army?" line in future episode The Hunting Party. I'd call the Season 3 finale the closest thing to a war between the survivors and the Others.
  • He wants Jack and Kate to get together. In fact he probably talks about this more than anything else. He's a total shipper. I wonder if he'll keep this up or if he'll start to find the whole business tiresome, as I did. Mainly due to Kate's increasing annoyingness from season 2 onward. But at the moment he seems to like Kate.
  • I said I have a 'no spoiler policy', but I broke it. After Numbers, he asked if we ever find out what the numbers mean. I said yes. Did I tell a lie?
  • I asked him who his favourite character is and he said Sawyer. I was surprised by this because all season long he'd been commenting on what a jerk he was. I really thought he didn't like him. Though I guess he is one of the most interesting characters of season 1, perhaps along with Locke. I myself have always been a Sawyer fan.

As I stated earlier, overall he has been enjoying the ride. The one thing he complained about is its slow pace, which was his reason originally for not getting into the show. He's keen to start season 2.

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