The recent installment in the race to the finish line has had a mixed response from what I gather. But all you Kate haters, rejoice! This was probably the last full-fledged Kate-centric ep. Meanwhile, here's my 'analysis', if you can call it that. A more accurate description is a stream-of-consciousness bullet point storm. I'd like to hear your thougts on the ep, or anything that adds to/counters anything I've mentioned. Bit of a long read, but I've tried to make it enjoyable. Namaste!

  • It’s a slow one. Very little island mythology, much more character based. I didn’t enjoy it as much as LA X. However I don’t think it is pointless filler, as some have said. I think that after my re-watch filled hiatus I’m not used to watching only one episode a week. Some of the older episodes felt like filler at the time, but when I revisited them they were actually very satisfying because they showed character development. Also it seemed like nothing was happening, but in retrospect they actually have some little nuggets of information that turned out to be very significant later. I might view 'What Kate Does' in the same vein when all this is over.

  • I really, really loved Juliet and and her death is sad enough already, so goddammit they’re really pulling on the heartstrings with James’s grief here. “I was gonna ask her to marry me”. Aww shucks. Now I’m crying.
  • Speaking of James’s grief, I’m really worried about his character development now. He was the best example of redemption of any character, undergoing a great journey of personal growth over five seasons. Now he’s instantly snapped back to being an angry, self-loathing douchebag? I understand he’s grieving, and the last thing I want is for him to be sad for one episode and then be over it when the plot goes in another direction. I just hoped ‘mature LaFleur’ would handle it with a bit more class.
  • Is there a reason for Dogen and his minions to be SOOOO secretive and elusive, other than to piss off the audience?
  • Dogen has an office with contemporary items in it (“What’s that?” “A baseball”) in a super ancient temple. Interesting touch. Reminds me of a Flocke line to Ben last season- “I never imagined you leading your people from behind a desk. Seems a little... corporate.”
  • Their costumes really are over the top, aren’t they? Does that dude really need a turban? Honestly.
  • Jack ruled in this ep. That’s the first time I’ve thought that in a long time. I liked the way he was straight with Sayid, and didn’t let Dogen manipulate him. He exercised good judgment and cleverness in a way we haven’t seen since season 1. Welcome back, hero. Rationality suits you. And popping the pill himself was one of those awesome surprise moments that make great TV.
  • Claire and Kate’s friendship in the parallel timeline was very unnatural. “Oh hey, angry criminal woman who recently pointed a gun at me! Sure I’ll drive around with you in a stolen taxi! I’ll also lie for you when the police come asking.” AAARRGGGH. I guess Kate did show kindness in coming back for her and helping her out that seems unusual for a dangerous criminal. Maybe Claire could tell, deep down, that Kate really does have a big heart. And I think that she does. But still, AAARRGGGH.
  • Another explanation, and I like this one a lot better, is that Claire and Kate could both kind of tell that she knew each other in another life, so to speak, and that’s where the sense of trust came from. Jack was having déjà-vu moments all over the episode last week. And when Kate was in the taxi, she gave Jack a funny look, too. I think that creating parallel timelines may leave a tiny footprint of memory traces in the minds of our heroes, and these may become more apparent as we get deeper into the season.
  • The ‘claim of darkness’ on Sayid really seems to be ‘the sickness’ everyone’s been talking about. I guess it’s also inferred that it’s also what turned Ben Linus from a sweet Dharma kid (albeit with a ‘flaming Dharma van’ wild streak) to the cold calculating rat we know today. “His innocence will be gone”, etc. Interesting. Food for thought but no solid information to take home.
  • What’s with Miles? He’s still giving Sayid funny looks. He KNOWS something about his dying experience, and in typical Lost fashion, he’s not telling.
  • ETHAN!!! What’s more, his name is Dr. Ethan Goodspeed. I guess he grew up with his family after being evacuated off the island. Makes me wonder where the rest of the original timeline ‘others’ are. Is someone going to walk into a convenience store and a friendly looking Ben Linus will be behind the counter? Every time a random character enters the scene, I wonder if it’s going to be someone we know. It’s because of cool moments like these that I’m quite digging the parallel universe thing. The season 1 mirroring is clever, too. Ethan to Claire: “Last thing I want to do is inject you with needles you don’t need.” Heh. Very funny Lost.
  • Long-term mystery was solved this week: ‘where’s Claire?’ Found her! Wait, what do you mean she’s turned evil?
  • There are a lot of parallels to be drawn between Rousseau and Claire. Both were heavily pregnant when they arrived on the island, and they both gave birth there. Both had their children taken away from them at a young age, although to be fair, Claire abandoned hers, for reasons we may be finding out shortly. And it seems Claire is really following Rousseau’s model, by turning feral alone in the jungle. Maybe she has also developed an Eastern European accent.
  • I was going to give this episode a 4/10 but after chewing on it for a while I’m going to give it a 6. Bring on next week!

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