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    Hello, people who are still here! I know it’s been a long time, and you all probably thought I’d been affected by time-flashes and got a nosebleed and died by now. Or, more likely, you totally forgot about me.
    Well, our rewatch has been continuing... slowly! Since my last entry I graduated uni and got a full time job, which is good but it means less time watching LOST.

    So... season 5! I’ve been looking forward to this because I love the crap out of this season. Also, my rewatch-partner watches a lot of sci-fi so all I always expected the time-travel shenanigans to be right up his alley. Also, the Dharma Initiative seems to be his favourite aspect of the show, and this is the Dharma season. So... onwards! (Or should I say backwards?)

    When we s…

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    As you may have guessed, I'm rewatching LOST with a new viewer. And now we're done with season 4.

    Well he called the first episode 'dull', but things picked up after that. He was spooked by the staged wreckage in Confirmed Dead. "I take it there’s some kind of massive scale conspiracy going on here."
    Yes there is, but it isn't the actual endgame of the show, though at this stage it feels like it should be.

    I've noticed that the freighter storyline presents a satisfying stream of questions and answers. This was his journey, obviously paraphrased:

    (Ohhhh, they want Ben!)
    (Ohhhh, it’s Charles Widmore’s!)

    (Ohhhh... no wait I s…

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    Hmm, that didn't take very long.

    After knocking over season one and season two at a rather leisurely pace, we just ravenously sped through season three. I think my test subject watching companion is becoming hungry for answers.

    Last season he figured out the opening twist (The "Make Your Own Kind of Music" scene = inside the hatch), much to my dissapointment. The opening of 3x01 is basically a redux of that scene: character we've never seen before wakes up, plays a corny 60s pop song, goes abut their morning routine, then BAM they're actually on the island. He was actually surprised by this one. Yay.

    "They've explored the island how-many times and they've never found THAT?!?"
    I remember thinking the same thing. So I told him they haven't covere…

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    A little while ago I wrote a blog documenting my rewatch of season 1 with a first timer. Well we've finished season 2 now, and once again I'm documenting the journey.

    He's enjoyed this season more than the first. He says it had more revelations/answers, and he seems to adore the Dharma Initiative stuff.

    He thought the button was a hoax until the finale. Man of science? Then again, he's thoroughly enjoyed Locke and Eko, the men of faith. In fact he's totally mancrushing on Eko. He thinks he's brilliant. I've never heard him call another man "sexy" before. It's bringing out a whole new side of him LOL. He's gonna be pissed when he dies soon.

    He said he really likes Jack because he doesn't judge others or hold things against them; he's gracious …

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    Rewatching is always worthwhile when it comes to Lost. You pick up on things you didn't notice before, notice themes reoccur in later episodes, etc. But a lot can be said for re-experiencing the show with someone who hasn't seen it before. You regain the sense of mystery that disappears after you know 'the answers', and the anticipation of "what’s going to happen next?" is revived. And all the surprising moments feel surprising again. It's fun. If you've got friends or family that haven’t seen Lost, I highly recommend it.

    Recently, my boyfriend FINALLY asked me to show him Lost. He saw a couple of episodes back when season 1 was airing but it didn't strike his interest. He didn't remember anything about it except for these details: plane c…

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