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February 19, 2009
  • Chirpy7

    When I saw the Submarine at the end of "Dr. Linus", my first reaction was that Locke really didn't blow up the Galaga way back in Season 3, and it had been the biggest running joke of all time. I literally screamed at the tv. Anyone else have this experience?

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  • Chirpy7

    There have been lots of theories going around about the statue being destroyed is why babies are not born on the island, but has anyone stopped to think about our statue in the first place. Yes it is the stature of Tawaret, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility, but unlike her true self, the statue on the island is NOT pregnant. This is a big clue in my books, because as we know post Dharma babies cannot be born, I am unsure on how this relates to the statue, but I thought I would point that out as a lot of people have overlooked that fact.

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