Ok, this is starting to hut my brain so I'm going to throw it out there for some help....

We know that so far Season 6 has been mirroring Season 1 (mirrors? sorry, my brain is working overtime!) in terms of episode centricity and to a certain extent content. I've heard it put out there that this had already been happening before this season, ie Season 5 mirrored Season 2, etc. This probably has been talked about before but I have this feeling that once the series is over, we'll we able to step back and see that the whole thing, all the events and characters and plot twists all reflect each other in such a way that you can start looking at from the beginning or the end and know what will happen. I'm having a hard time explaining what I mean....I keep thinking about the movie Angels and Demons and the Illuminati signa they talked about, how it could be read both forward and backwards and it looked the same. I think when all is said and done, we can step back and look at it and say "Wow! Darlton knew exactly what they were doing all along! It's all the same! It's been plotted and laid out and made to seem like a bunch of different events but it's really all the same thing!" I think too about the Hindu idea of Atman and Brahman, where one is part of the other but also one and the same. A very Dharma sort of idea. This is kind of confusing, but I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. I'm jut trying to find concrete evidence, situations, examples from to clarify this idea. Any one have any ideas? [1] [2]

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