After watching the Enchanced episode of "Lafleur" something dawned on me that I can't beleive I didn't think of before. Maybe others have mentioned this before but I don't remember coming across it. This episode confirmed that the reason why pregnant women die on the Island is because during their pregnancy their immune systems 'turn against' them, essentially attacking them, leaving them, well, dead. But then I realized something. It seems like this problem with the immune system has only shown to be a problem with the islands original inhabitants, aka the Others. We know that Amy (who wasn't an Other, she was Dharma) succesfully gave birth, as did Rousseau and Claire. I had always assumed (as well as many other people, after reading theories) that this was because these people arrived on the Island after their second trimester. (Remember Juliet telling Sun that women who become pregnant on the Island die before the end of their second trimester.)What if it isn't that at all? What if this problem ONLY affects the Others? This would explain why Alpert recruited Juliet, a fertility expert, to come to the Island. This would explain why they wanted Rousseau's baby, why they wanted Aaron, and why they took Zach and Emma. It was implied that Amy had to leave the Island to deliver the baby, otherwise something would go wrong. Maybe that had nothing to do with Dharma thinking she would die, and everything to do with the internist being incapable of delivering the baby. He clearly was not comfortable with the idea of delivering her baby-maybe they weren't properly equipped and sent pregnant women off the Isalnd as a precaution.ANd AMy obviously made it past her second trimester-this would not have been the case if her immune system was attacking her.

I think this points to the idea that its ONLY the Others who suffer from fertility and pregnancy problems, not any other people who come to the Island. After all, it was the Others who recuited Juliet.Fertility problems/death in childbirth has nothing to with the Purge, or the hydrogen bomb. Just, for some reason, the Others aren't 'allowed' to procreate. Its so incredibly obvious to me now! I just wonder why I didn't think of it before. Has this idea been floating around and I just missed it? Does anyone think this is credible?

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