I was watching The Glass Ballerina from Season 3 and somethign just dawned on me. Pretty much all the deaths on Lost(besides the crash victims) have been murders or suicides (or in Sawyer's parent's case, a murder/suicide). Just after thinking about all the deaths,a large number struck me as unnatural. Are the writer's lazy? Why so few natural deaths? Are they not aware or is there sometihng more? It makes for good storytelling but just looking at the numbers makes you realize that there is major repetition going on.I don't know what exactly, still mulling it over...any thoughts?

I'm sure there are many more but here are a few I remember Murdered on Island: Ethan- revenge Goodwin (self defense?) Kelvin (accident?) Naomi-(prevention?) A whole bunch of Others Anthony Cooper (presumably) Edward Mars (mercy killing) Libby Ana Lucia

Off Island: Locke Sawyer's mom Nadia Kate's dad

Suicide/"Sacrifice" on Island: Charlie Desmond (thought he was going to die but didn't) Radzinsky

Suicide Off Island: Locke (going to attempt) Jack (going to attempt) Micheal (going to attempt) Sun's lover Jae Sawyer's dad

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